Wayne’s Greatest 3-Minute Golf Lesson

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jamesdourisgolf says:

Hi wayne. Do you still coach dick mast?

Mark Burke says:

I just saw shared it with 20 people you are the funniest & best swing
analyst of all time. Its like Golden Globe winner stuff….. don’t know if
this is the correct spot to post but Wayne your No. 1 🙂 

Ben Hogan Golf Lessons says:

BwAH HA HA HA! On days where I feel like I’m having a bad day on the range
– I will now refer back to the ‘3-minute golf lesson…… and get a good
laugh at Wayne’s expense.
“”Oh Sh*t, I didn’t mean to do that”

Ed Floody says:

Funniest shit ever. Showed this to guys at the range asking what they
thought of the instruction and got cola sprayed on me from a guys nose as
he laughed so hard.

Ball Striker says:

Wow! Clueless student.

Michael Goldfuss says:

Wow!..That was Three Stooge worthy. Sorry, Wayne.. but I’m still laughing.
Moe, Larry and Curly would be rolling on the floor.

J.R. Adam says:

That kid does look a bit goofy and like a moron…

canefan17 says:

Fvckin weird kid 

Wayne Defrancesco says:

I don’t act that well. Yes, it was real, and I was lucky not to have had my
ankle broken.. The club hit my shoe right at the top where it is padded the
most. Half an inch higher and I was a goner. The ball hit me in ankle. That
hurt more than the club.

Theclassiccarnut says:

That had to hurt, sorry, but still makes me laugh. You should sumbit to
America’s funniest videos. You might win. I really enjoy your videos.

Patrick Damore Golf Instruction says:

Us instructors are VERY good at staying out of harm’s way. Unfortunately,
we LEARN this PROCESS the hard way. I feel for you (been there), but…
that is FUNNY video with an F bomb to boot.

Fraser Robertson says:

Brilliant haha. Huge lump for a while.

Wayne Defrancesco says:

Luckily I didn’t break anything, so yes, it is funny in hindsight. The
young man went on to graduate cum laude from an Ivy League school. Not his
brightest moment. His father showed this clip (without the video editing)
at his graduation party.

Golf Progress says:

Wayne I think you changed his leverage so much that he was now in a
position of not being able to stop the clubhead from releasing. Good
teaching! Too bad your shin paid the price. Or maybe your student is just
not bright.

golfmaniac007 says:

didn’t he make an appearance on dumb and dumber?

Greg Brown says:

wow, that is all time funny…get out of the way!!!!!!!

rianco says:

LOL. This video is an absolute classic because of your awesome phrase.
“Oooouch F#@k meee…what are you doing!” I honestly thought this video was
going to be a great lesson I could learn from.

steve miller says:

Funny stuff , LOL ! .

Theclassiccarnut says:

hahahha, that was funny, was that real?

John Jackson says:

Ha. Classic. That guy has no feel or co-ordination at all.

Villafarris says:

Put some ice on that WayneD. PS – why are you pushing/holding his shoulder

hardcoremofo says:

That sure wasn’t acting!!!


Wow, Moe Norman’s revenge for your critique of his ball flight and
trajectory right….LOL

deanw0rmer says:

Did you charge him double ?

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