Golf Swing Test – Fast Swing VS Smooth Swing – Whats The Difference?

This video I test the difference between a fast golf swing against a smooth swing to see whats happens to strike, ball flight, distance and accuracy as well as feel to me.

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27 thoughts on “Golf Swing Test – Fast Swing VS Smooth Swing – Whats The Difference?

  1. I am newer to golf and when im playing poorly I slow myself down and remind my self to let the club to the work. When I stop trying to kill it I start playing better

  2. Is there a reason you didn't call out the offine difference (dispersion comparision looks significant to me)? Seems like a huge deciding factor for choosing the ideal swing type.

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  6. When I hear the word "quick," I typically think of tempo mostly. If I swing hard with my normal tempo, I don't see many problems. If my tempo quickens because I swing harder, then I get "hooky." What do you think?

  7. Good video. I think the problem with trying to swing faster is that it starts to pull you out of your posture and increases lateral movement. That makes it very difficult to achieve a consistent strike? I find that a slow controlled take away helps me massively with consistency, particularly with the Driver.

  8. You have to be 6 foot 1+ for that swing speed. Really doesn't look like you are swinging at that speed.
    Nice to have an extra inch or two per club

  9. Great video. You have such a smooth swing and I usually feel that the smoother I swing on the range it goes much straighter and longer. But when the pressure is on, it always defaults to a violent jerky swing with crappy smash factor. My swing caddie also shows that club head speed increases when I let the backswing hang back a little before pulling the trigger.

  10. Good video. I’m always told to swing at the ball harder by people I play with, but deffo feel more control with the swing I use and find the ball doesn’t go any further when I swing faster. This video has just confirmed!!??

  11. Hi thanks for the ping i500 head to head. Now on this video what about shortening the back swing and swing harder and faster, a of a hit than a swing.

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