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We get that question often: “HOW DO I SLOW DOWN MY SWING” or “HOW DO I STOP RUSHING MY DOWNSWING?” And the answer is so much easier than you think! We are absolute gravity geniuses and through our natural self preserving central nervous system, we thrive when it comes to simple tasks with simple tools. The golf club is A SIMPLE TOOL as soon as you understand completely what the heck it was designed for; which is “Cutting grass along the ground” and “compressing golf balls towards targets comprised of flight plans. Enjoy!

Shawn Clement, Canadian PGA Class A, with a specialty in Teaching and several nominations for Ontario Teacher of the year, is now on board with GOLF CHANNEL ACADEMY for his online and physical location at the oldest Golf Club in North America, The Royal Quebec Golf Club. Shawn has the Top 6 instructional Youtube Channel as per Golfthis.com and top 10 most searched teachers as per swingmangolf.com
Weekly contributor to Golf WRX and on the teaching staff at Golfing World, an IMG company.
Also a top 50 teacher for Golf.com’s Swing Index.

Here are some great life long teachers and coaches who can help you attain your next level in golf:
Your's Truly, Shawn Clement
Naples Florida:
John Carroll jmc8947@gmail.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
Stuart Florida:
Frank McChrystal fmcchrystal@ipre.com
Williamsburg Virginia:
Richard Rice richardkrice@pga.com MASTER EDUCATOR
Palm Desert:
David DePula-daviddepula@icloud.com
Frederick MD Washigton DC area:
Ricky Serrano ricky.serrano@cattailcreekcc.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
Dallas area:
Cody Vanderford cvanderford@argyleisd.com
San Antonio:
David Ogrin-Texas Open Champion 1996 ogringolf@gmail.com-MASTER EDUCATOR
North Chicago-Milwaukee
Derrick Sands mailto:derrickjsands@gmail.com
Huntsville Alabama area
Travis Lauterbach travislauterbach@lyon.edu
Minneapolis area
Nick Johnson ndj209@gmail.com
Toronto GTA
Paul Davies and Donna Norman
Pdavies@richmondhillgolf.com dnorman@richmondhillgolf.com
My Man Edouard Montaz-MASTER EDUCATOR
New location in Buffalo New-York!
Mark Schraven mark@advantagefitnesswny.com
UK: Adam Gray- adam11111gray@yahoo.co.uk
Ritter Lott-Rock Creek Golf Club Fairhope AL 251 928 4223
Ritchie Bath Golf Warehouse Christchurch bath.r@xtra.co.nz

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Steve Driscoll says:

I like the way you explain things Shawn. And you have two good students to demonstrate swings. Your shop is set up well too for demonstrating the golf swing and throwing those hammers. I watched one of your videos last night and I hit the ball effortlessly today…I actually have been hitting the ball very good for me, but your tips just seem to help that much more. And, I have be careful not to over stress my body because when I was in my twenties (56 now) I played club golf but I didn’t really know how to do the effortless swing and really tore my back and knees up over the years by going at the ball like a savage. With what you are teaching I am getting good distance with a fraction of the effort…so I can feel I’m not over stressing my back and my leading knee (left knee). For a long time I was really stressing the left knee at impact and it was only marginally giving me more power but it was really tearing it up (i’m Lucky I found your channel and expect to be able to play a lot longer now). Thank you so much. You and your team are awesome!

Stephen Haviland says:

I've been told on numerous occasions that I swing way too hard and dont let the backswing finish. The inertia explanation with the sledgehammer gives a good starting point.

Steve Bohler says:

Hi Shawn. If I try to only use the weight of the arm-club unit during the downswing, even with uncoiling, the swing speed is rather slow. Are there certain muscles we can/should engage to increase the swing speed?

Weaselbeak75 says:

-Hello insurance company? -Hammer through the roof again? -Yeah it's weird….

spf1218 spdracrrx7 says:

The two biggest swing killers are probably a hurried backswing (which leads to a rushed downswing) and having too tight of a grip (which leads to tension in the muscles). Feeling the weight of the clubhead and allowing it to do the work is crucial. That, combined with swinging THROUGH the ball (instead of at it) will lead to great results. The hammer drill is great to get people to understand both concepts.

g march says:

Do you recommend heavier clubs?

Amrik Dillon says:

Her grip looks very strong. But if it works I suppose..

Shain Andrews says:

6:55 I believe the word you are looking for is dwell. The duration of time animation is suspended while momentum is canceled out by gravity.

Mike Ray says:

@shawnclements… can you do a video on the way that Munashi (spelling) grips the club? i notice his index finger is way down on the grip. i am a lefty who is very far forward in my address and would love to hear what he does in his thought process there

Mike Ray says:

this literally makes me think my golf clubs are way to light.. i am 6'1" and weigh 240 and can bench 345 and i can not let the club do the work. with the weight and the swing makes sense to me but i am not sure off the rack will do that for me.

Mike Ray says:

Matsuyama is the best ever at this. so precise on the PGA tour with this backswing

Koleka says:

The leading hand grips look like they would be straining the forearm and elbow a lot on both of these people. None the less, great lesson

xts stx says:

Hey Shawn, thanks for the tips! I do have a question though: Why do Moo and Sav have their ball position in the back of center in their stance? Maybe it's just the angle of the camera? I thought the ball should be front of center and move up.

John Barker says:

Thanks, Shawn, You told Mu to lean into the target more, elaborate, please.


Great stuff there!!!! How heavy is the long "Red Sledge Hammer"? I might have to go get one of those! Love the pendulum and momentum of swinging it!

julian pennie says:

Every time I swing like this ,I hit it well but pull it left as a right hander?????

marsha cooper says:

Best explanation ever! Thank you one million times.!!

darkhorse says:

How many hammers does this man possess!?

Caesar thePatriot says:

Everything you teach is very different than other instruction but it makes so much sense. Also the proof is in the pudding( Sav & Mu). I’m very excited to get out and start practicing your lessons.

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