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Very often we are told that we need to swing faster to hit the ball further, but the key is to transfer the speed we generate from the club to the golf ball. In thus video Ali shows you how to do this and how you can actually swing slower to hit the golf ball further.

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Welcome to AliTaylorGolf. Ali’s channel is designed to help you improve your golf with tips, drills and online coaching as well as reviews of the newest golf clubs and golf equipment.

Starting at an early age, Ali began playing golf when he was just 13 years old. Having played many sports throughout his younger years, he has always had a fascination with improvement. This progressed into his coaching where he feels the most accurate feedback allows the quickest changes to improve the golfer. Since beginning the Ali Taylor Golf YouTube channel, Ali has become extremely active over the various social media platforms that Ali posts updates to. You’ll find regular tips for your game as well as reviews on the latest products from the biggest brands in Golf, including TaylorMade, PXG, Ping and Cobra. Stay connected with Ali by following his Facebook and Instagram pages and of course don’t forget to subscribe to the evergrowing YouTube channel with over 18,000 subscribers!
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Trond Eriksen says:

You didn't swing slower, you just didn't release your iron???? Don't understand this video… this is not about swinging slower, this is about making a 6 iron a 4 iron…

Hugh Dunn says:

Rick you hit a home run with this video. I’m a 75 year old golfer that over time has loss most of my distance. I have watched this video and the one on great contact with your irons. I viewed your how to break 90 and I played yesterday and tried all of these ideas and this 21 handicap shot 88 for the first time in 15 years. Thanks for getting my game back on track. Great job!

oliver mc elroy says:

Exactly the lesson I need to currently see, brilliant thank you Alex..

Simon John says:

Currently working on slowing my swing down for 3 wood and driver

Kevin Murphy says:

It's crazy that I was trying same swing this afternoon and it definitely works,, that said you really need to strike ball very pure with shaft lean ,,, but no doubt it works I have low 70s swing speed with just over 100 ball speed when I use this type of swing hitting the ball 15 to 20 yards further !!! Ty again for video great job!!! Theres hope for us bogey golfers !!!

The Snookerist says:

My swing was always on the slow side and not so much smash factor, more flip factor. A good 9 iron was only about 110/115 for me.

krounino says:

Why deloft a club instead of taking a less lofted club ? For exemple a 7 instead a 9

Dean Pichette says:

Great video!!!! Thank you

Ian Melling says:

So just deloft the club. Not really a slower swing speed. More wank factor than smash factor.

Pekka Laaksonen says:

I totally agree. Came to same conclusion with my Garmin G80 launch monitor. Great stuff Ali! Thanks!

Susan Crowther says:

Sounds familiar – took it to the course today and strike was great and very solid. Gained extra carry despite wet conditions. Great tip – keep up the good work.

Chris Lewis says:

Why is it better to de-loft the 6 iron rather than just use a 5 iron?

Don Morgan says:

Great video. I've slowed down because of age. Trying to swing faster and now I can't get any distance. Now I will concentrate on better contact. Smash Factor. Thanks again

Paul Herrington says:

To get more shaft lean at impact does swinging slower by itself achieve this? not sure but my logic suggests something else needs to change. Do you need to present the wrists differently ……shift weight more…… I’ll play with this though because I know I’m too quick at transition so less haste likely to be good.


For what it’s worth I once saw a short video with Anika Sorenstam who stated that she never tried to swing harder than 80% with any club. I’ve since tried her suggestion, and for me, her tip helped tremendously. My distance improved by swinging at 80%, instead of my usual 100%.

golfnut says:

Too much dloft will result in lower shots, ok for faster swing speeds but not for slower where height is needed

45Mcwolford Mcw says:

Thanks, that what I need to go back to. My yardage has fell off drastically because I was trying to kill the ball apparently Lol. Slow down and more shaft lean. Thanks

Michael STAUDT says:

Hi Ali, still on the old place?

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