Taylormade 2.0 Burner TP Driver

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mcgroogtube says:

nice vid, but the “P” stands for “preffered” not proven lol

i0nPuNk182 says:

would you prefer the 2.0 superfast (TP or non TP) over the regular 09

BWTransform says:

I’ve had this club all season – He’s right about the ball flight: it
doesn’t go to the sky and it does go looong… RH keep that left arm
straight as it will not be forgiving for slicers. Sound is a bit loud and
“smack-y”… but loooong and feels amazing.


Mark, what is your opinion on the previous version of the Burner Superfast
TP when compared to the new TP 2.0 version? Looks like the previous version
can be picked up at a good savings at the moment…

gwlukin says:

I hit this and the R11 for about an hour today, and I much prefer this
club. I had a near perfect ball flight with this. I’m not one to adjust my
club to fit my swing, so this really fits my game better. Highly recommend
it, and can’t wait to get mine when my order comes in!

Mark M says:

How does the XCON 5 shaft compare to the HD6?

Austin Bohn says:

I have this driver and love it! I think its longer than both the r11 and

mccartneyfans001 says:

@techNbassChannel it does. he didnt say it right

tj.ruediger says:

do you by chance have the specs of the club face angle? if not what driver
do you think it is similar to?

BWTransform says:

Tayla-Made 2.0 Beeeernah. 3:46 I do love your vids. Always check them out
when considering a club – keep up the great work!

Mark Crossfield says:

@richardmule79 Yeh it is. Looks smaller than the non TP but it is 460.

rozzerjnr77 says:

tour proven hahahah shood be tour preferred

longdrive101 says:

Great driver best Taylormade I have ever hit ‘great feel of the the face

Layth Saadi says:

i thought TP stood for Tour Preferred?

Troy O'Brien says:

ya know what would make these vids more exciting is if he had a mad swing

richardmule79 says:

is it a 460 head??

AlloutFallout says:

hey mark, i love your videos. im 15 and playing on my school golf team. im
at a 8 handicap right now and im improving a lot. i need a new driver and
ive been looking at three drivers right now. i play all taylormade woods
and im using the superfast 3, 5, and hybrid. what would you recomend for me
to but out of the r11, tp burner, or burner? thanks a lot, Connor.

scottyray12 says:

I picked this up lastnight. I was busting the Reg 2.0 but I saw a good deal
on the TP and had to get it. I hope it performs

mitchxdpg says:

What shaft did you have in the burner, was it the Matrix Ozik HD6?

tpd5 says:

are you going to play this driver instead of your titleist 910 D?

Lloyd D says:

Great driver i got one love it probley the best driver on the market at the
moment. The R11 grabs all the head lines but this burner superfast is
taylormade secret weapon

Joseph Timlin says:

What clubs do you use

X942K6 says:

Hey mark, I have been watching your video for a while and its been very
helpful : ) Thank you I recently purchased SF 2.0 TP. However, I am really
suffering slicing shots, and as I try to compensate for the 2* open, I
become very unstable with driver shot. My SS is around 98, do you think I
will be better off with the R11? And can you do a video with R11Tp? Thanks

TheWillfromthebeach says:

@techNbassChannel It does stand for tour preferred I think Mark just got it

TigerWoodsFan111 says:

yes please!

ben mckenna says:

hey mark i hit dis driver today the normal version though and it rained and
the grip is a disaster but its a great club

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