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In this video Rick Shiels PGA Professional discusses the future of TaylorMade Golf and their 2020 drivers.

The 2019 TaylorMade Golf M5 & M6 drivers claimed to be the longest and the straightest TaylorMade Golf drivers ever & it was claimed that they were almost illegal according to the rules put in place by the USGA & The R&A. The 2019 TaylorMade M5 & M6 drivers were played by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, John Rahm & loads of players on The PGA Tour & The European Tour.

In 2020 TaylorMade golf need to bring a driver out that is faster and longer than the TaylorMade M5 & M6 but is that possible? 2020 will be a really interesting year for TaylorMade Golf, Callaway Golf, Srixon Golf, Titleist Golf, Mizuno Golf, Ping Golf and all of the major golf brands.

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23 thoughts on “TAYLORMADE GOLF 2020 DRIVERS – What's next?

  1. Rick, enjoy your stuff. I went back to this video now that TaylorMade just announced that 2020 was its best year in company history. Having said that, I think you are right in a way. Just a little too early. The golf equipment industry was totally inflated in 2020 thanks to the corona virus. But sooner or later you gotta figure that companies will run out of new ideas.

  2. I have mizuno jpx825pro 10years later I ment and looked at mizuno irions and they where similar to my jpx825 pro or identical that just changed the look and color and the degree of loft that's it then they market more forgivnes and distance save ure money , buy a new putter or wedgers golf is a wedge and putting game not driving and irion play ,wedge and putting is where you lower the score

  3. PGA should regulate more ,bring back miss hits as mentioned,but they never will. PGA needs sponsors money and sponsors make money by making new inventory

  4. How many years back did club makers start making all these bold performance claims. Has it always been a thing? In the days before the internet I can just remember picking clubs just on how they looked. That looks nice. Sold.

  5. Why does the CT test clamp the driver somewhere up on the shaft? Surely this brings in the characteristics of the shaft and doesn’t isolate the driver head?

    You would think the varying stiffnesses of the shafts would have an effect on this test?!

    Surely the idea of a test is to isolate and remove variables ?!

  6. Hopefully the drivers start looking better for what they charge,

    aesthetic design peaked around 10-12 years ago and has been on the steady decline ever since.

  7. You have a picture of a club on trailer, yet nothing in the video?? Any new clubs get submitted to USGA for approval so check that list and you will see. As they have maxed out distance, they will focus on accuracy, so expect a shorter shaft, bigger face and weight maxed out at back of clubhead for high handicappers. They will then hope you forget last few years of adverts.

  8. They'll do what the motor manufacturers do and give it a make-over with a new colour scheme or a go-faster stripe and convince the simple-minded that they're out of date.

  9. New drivers every year! I'm currently hitting the M4, looking for a new one this year but it seems like they are outdated a week after you buy!

  10. Are we getting caught in marketing hype from these manufacturers. For 2020 I can see TM's advocating their club technology will help back pain and prevents arthritis.

  11. One of the older tests was coefficient of restitution (COR). The measurements you used, when calculated, have a COR of 83 or .83. This is the collision of A with the collision of B = C or COR. The older test was easier to understand. They would fire a ball at the club at 100 MPH then if it came off over 83 MPH it failed. I think this is still on the R & A’s website. The test was on a brand new club because as soon as you hit around 50 balls the COR will increase. Meaning the older the club the higher the COR. The closer to 100 MPH or 100% COR The closer you are to the material on the club face failing. Because it has become so thin It is creating a large the trampoline effect. Try and get into a testing lab with a 6month old club and compare it with a new one.

  12. All you hear is new drivers hit it longer and so on. And people puff up and say I’m hitting it so much longer. I laugh and think now it’s time for the second shot and what used to be a 7 iron for you now you might get into a 8 or 9 iron and might not hit them as well just a thought. It not always who hits it longer of the tee box with the lowest score. Think about your whole game and what the extra yardage might mean and you may find out I don’t need that extra yardage

    If you wanna test it. Just move up 1 set of tees and play a round and watch how different your second shoot looks sometimes good and sometimes not so good

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