20 thoughts on “Is This The Best Improvement Iron In Golf – Ping G430 Irons

  1. Just had my custom fitting. Going from Mizuno JPX 900 to Ping G430.
    Pushing 60 years old now so can’t see my clubhead speed improving much more, if anything I’m losing each year…
    6 Iron – UW in Graphite.
    Gaining a wedge but losing my 5 Hybrid but with the extra speed, height it should equal my 5 Hybrid.. They must have sold truck loads of these.. fantastic irons! ????????????????

  2. Got fitted for them recently 9 irons in total and love them now I have the full G430 bag now including 5 wood 7 wood and LST DRIVER 19 handicap hoping this will improve my handicap a lot next year ????????

  3. My 16 yr old son recently got to hit the G425’s and really enjoyed them. Not much difference between the 425’s and the 430’s. Irons were Much Longer than his Callaways. Picking up 8-12 yards more on avg with each club plus felt extremely good. He also just bought the G430 Max driver with the PING Tour 2.0 silver stuff shaft and really enjoys hitting it. I’ve always enjoyed PING equipment.

  4. What are the best clubs for a newbie that skies his irons. Got on a launchman and I am hitting upon on the ball. Any recommendations?

  5. Tried them and they didn't perform as well as the stealths. I got the 790s in the end as both the 430s and stealths went too far with no spin!

  6. At my iron fitting this past summer, I looked at the Ping irons, but didn’t like the chunky style and oversized appearance. Even as someone fairly new to golf, I could see a significant difference between the Ping, Mizuno, and Srixon. After about 45 minutes hitting them all, I went with the Srixon irons. Love them.

  7. I had a set and went back to G425’s. I preferred that the 425’s only took 6 clubs to cover 26*-50* Vs 7 clubs with the g430’s.

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