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Rob MG says:

I tested M4 vs all but Ping. I don’t like the look of the Turbulators. I chose the M4 because I was able to do 2 things. 1. Play it on course. I had no pother option to try another model on course. 2. See 1…but, the launch monitor verified what my eye saw.

I’m thrilled with the M4. Really, it likely comes down to the best shaft for you.

Good video.

tom ford says:

It’s your ball striking ,your shots on the G400 max looked very lazy

JCW 7777 says:

Hi.What shafts did the drivers have ?

Michael Pasvantis says:

Good video, was able to take both of these clubs out for a couple of rounds and collect some basic data with my Game Golf system and found the results to be the opposite. G400 Max was 15-18 yards longer than M4. Not much difference in accuracy but I do agree that the sound and feel off the M4 is much better than the Ping, however not enough to make up for that gap in distance. I did have to crank the G400 max down in loft though to get optimal distance. Keep up the good work ?️

ahoyahoy booth says:

twist face is nonsense…..mark crossfield says so?

Scott Zimmerman says:

The Ping does not appear to be very well fit. I have seen several other reviews where the spin was 2000 to 2400 rpm. And, that could very well account for the difference in distance– and also in accuracy as lower spin is more penetrating. As an evaluation, you should strive to make the clubs you are comparing as close as possible. Close, not identical . Identical shafts in different models of heads could have very different performance characteristics. I really can't draw many conclusions from this review. You may also consider hitting 20 balls each, alternating back and forth. That bigger sample side will average out the misses and give a more reasonable result. Like, when I am comparing putters for my own game, I hit 20 to 40 each at random distances 4 to 12 feet and track the stats. 5 putts would not be enough to draw any conclusions. Not saying you have to hit 20 shots on camera, but the results of a bigger sample size would be more informative.

Eugene Lee says:

Why didn't you try the same hzrdus shaft in the Ping?

Keith Finley says:

You hit M4 nicely. I would like to see you try a lower loft and/or ultra low spin shaft to see if it optimizes your spin

Charlie 234 says:

Would be interesting to know how you thought around the shafts you picked, and if any of the clubs would be better for a slicer or a hooker, a low launcher, high launcher etc. Great work! Thanks!

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