TaylorMade RBZ Rocket Ballz Driver

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TaylorMade RBZ Rocket Ballz Driver reviewed by Mark Crossfield Ask Golf Guru PGA Professional. See how the TaylorMade driver preforms in Mark's hands as he hits theRBZ driver. This is another white headed golf driver from the TaylorMade machine offering changeable head tech and long distance off the face.

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CR7hg says:

My friend will bring one of these to work tomorrow so I can see and try it
out. If its in good condition what’s the maximum that I could pay for it?

Mohd.Akthar .Ajeem says:

is taylormade RBZ or Ping i25 driver Better?

sdmac1973 says:

Mark, how do you think this compares in terms of distance and forgiveness
in comparison with the more recent offerings from Taylormade ? I use this
club with pretty good success but have been considering a change recently.
Any advice from you or others would be good. Thanks

Gino L says:


Ira Shoff says:

Have not tried other Drivers, but the RBZ 1, is the best Driver I’ve EVER
hit. Iv’e never hit a Driver so High as this one, Never hit a Driver so
consistant as this one. I don’t need to try others, I’m HOOKED!!

MiniBlueDragon says:

I sincerely don’t get it. I have a bog standard, great looking driver that
does exactly what I need it to do; a “John Smiths” driver if you will.
Other than for the “hey everyone, check my RocketBallz out!” factor of it
or the “my swing fails so I can adjust the head to try and fix my flaws”
factor isn’t it all a pointless gimmick?

abbott0297 says:

can you do the rocketballs tour

jhaley12 says:

Mark I think you are one of the top instructors on here. I am having
trouble striking the ball towards the heel of the club. It’s because my
swing comes too far from the inside and no matter what I try I can’t seem
to be rid of it, any help you have would be greatly appreciated as I can’t
seem to get anyone else to answer. Thanks Mark.

Indi Newall says:

Have not paid for yet, but put one on lay-away today, after trying it on
the screen. Brilliant club.

Trev D says:

@guitarteacher1993 Hmmm well at least this doesn’t look like a ladies club!
The reviews on this are good across the board! I have the cobra l5v and it
is not as good as reviews say! Cobra can be overrated to be honest! I
suppose it’s your own opinion tho! 🙂

Alfredo moreno says:

rocketballz vs r11s driver!!!

David Schultz says:

Tried the RBZ Tour. It’s nice but a little loud.

Tom Ludwell says:

@4golfonline hi mark, was wondering what shall i do to the head to give it
a more draw bias setting?

MultiCrazy125 says:

Hi Mike I’m a big fan of you I just have one Request to you, Would you
define What is Lag in a Golf Swing coz I have heard alot about Lag and
wondering what it really is and how can I gain it….

Troy O'Brien says:

@MultiCrazy125 his name is Mark 😛

bearthegreat99 says:

i like the name

Simon Jenvey says:

Hey Mark, Keep up the great videos :)…I have a question. Is there any
good training aids that you would suggest on getting this is mainly for
swing based aids but putter aids are welcome. 🙂

Niall Perry says:

makes me smile every time I hear the kids saying “rocketballs” 🙂 nice job

Ethan Williams says:

What driver do you play?

Jared Beatty says:

Thats creepy

jjose0925 says:

what kind of pants are those??

Louis DeSantis says:

Could you review the new Wilson staff fg v2 versus the first generation?

Arman Vaziri says:

can you do the rest of the rbz family please? Love your vids Mark

dhsieh911018 says:

please please please make a comparison video on superfast 2.0 and RBZ…

Lugzeh says:


TheSingingTrucker says:

Just bought this driver over the weekend and love it! Was hitting 250 yds
with ease! Great driver!!

Mark Crossfield says:

@ryan60197 well it looks much nicer, not sure if it does much more than

Patrick Budicini says:

The 17 yards is only in the fairway woods and hybrids… All of the tour
pros hats with a number are for the 3 wood

munnjean says:

Would be nice if we all hit it as well as you do Mark ,,, I have no doubt
that a Taylor-Made driver and 3 wood will be in my bag at the start of next
season. So RBZ, RBZ Tour, high launch, low launch, adjustable R11’s this
shaft, that shaft ,,,and on and on. I really had a struggle at the end of
this season finding a driver with specs. that suited my game. I have an
appointment with a fitter next week, they have the latest technology in
computerized measurement I’m only concerned about the shaft

David P. says:

woot rbz driver!! nice mark!

TheAntard says:

Switched to the RBZ Driver from an old Nickent BBplus driver gained about
20 yards but it does take getting used too

cafedeltransit says:

Nice Vid Mark,I just bought a RBZ 3 Wood,Stiff shaft and it goes like hell
so have now added a 10.5 Stiff shaft driver to the bag as well…!!

hhj says:

did you notice any extra distance?

cashmoney7474 says:

What drivers would you recomend for a low handicapper at a reasonable price
point? Not necessarily this years models.

Mububban23 says:

My understanding is the default is 10.5* loft and neutral, you can also
have 9* loft and open, or 12* loft and closed to help all us slicers out
there. Supposedly makes a 60 yard side-to-side difference between highest
and lowest settings. Mark, could you do a short follow-up video with it
cranked to open/low and closed/high and compare difference?

Andrew Purcell says:

is it longer than R11s or about the same?

Brandon Ly says:

in my opinion, I think its just how the person hits the golf ball not how
the club is designed or made to help you. I seen many people hit well and
have a consistency swing and they hit pretty far. It doesn’t matter what
club you use. Its just how your body, and club work together.

YoshhiiHD says:

I hit a 14 degrees Callaway Big Bertha at the moment, and it goes about 260
yards, is it worth me getting a lower lofted driver?

Enix RBZ says:

Just wondering Mark. How far did you hit this driver compared to your Nike
Victory Red Ltd?

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