Titleist T100 Irons Review

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For the first time ever we review NEW Titleist irons on the channel with the Titleist T100 irons taking centre stage.

With the Titleist AP2 irons and the entire range coming to an end, it's up to the Titleist T100, T200 & the T300 to take over and offer different levels of performance and aesthetics to different target markets. The Titleist T100 replaces the very popular the Titleist AP2 irons as the better-players cavity back iron to offer extra ball speeds in a workable package.


Titleist T100 Irons – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pW-cJxLP2Q

Titleist T200 Irons – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYP1uAcQtkU

Titleist T300 Irons – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AniMoBxyjJQ

Titleist 620 MB Irons – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V46k5-HMFBM

Titleist 620 CB Irons – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVwYpg7CkwE

A few collaborations coming soon including James Robinson Golf and The Average Golfer!

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John D says:

T100S now released! Let us know when you have demo heads for a test. Did they just bend the T100 two degrees or did they re design the bounce to match turf interaction. For the $$ I hope they re modeled the club sole to adjust for the extra strong lofts !!!

Samuel Haines says:

I love these irons. I have the 5 – 50* in Project X LZ. The feel is fantastic and the stopping power is amazing. These are not distance irons. Cheers mate.

David Minchin says:

Just picked up my set today! 4-W didn’t even need to split the set as the wedge looks as good as my old MB!
P.S keep up the great work on the vids!

majorsmythe1 says:

HA !!- 2:15– "Love a good split set !!.

Sean Cook says:

T100 up against the Mizuno MP20-HMB please!

Mac_ daddy50 says:

Would you say the T100 is an improvement on the AP2 718 -is it worth the change

Alan Proctor says:

Definitely the best looking of the T series but I think I would have to go T200 for that little bit more forgiveness. Looking forward to trying them, a huge Titleist iron fan! Another great review from a unique personality, keeping the fun in golf!???

The Average Golfer Sway Baez says:

Maybe you should move the flag shorter so you aren’t forcing shots lol

Christopher Evans says:

Another great vid! What indoor range is that? Any specs appreciated

Michael Geffre says:

Toe 2 toe, t100 vs jpx919 tour or t100 vs 620 cb

ede93 says:

$1500 for irons. This is why my friends won't get into golf. Shits bananas

Nathen Wayenberg says:

How about a toe 2 toe with the t100 and the Wilson v6

JoeJoeJoeUrBoat says:

Iron looks fine at address, the back is ugly though compared to the 718. Performance trumps all though.

Damien Farrell says:

I may have found the future replacement irons for my P770s

Rob Biles says:

I was hoping there for a moment I wasn't going to have to comment.

Ross Lillebo says:

Great review. Been laughing all day at people crying about the new irons from Titleist. For me T100 fixed everything that turned me off AP2 by getting rid of the offset and thinning up that top line. Always enjoy your content and the way you present it. Good bit of fun.

lousifers says:

I’ll wait for T800

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