TaylorMade R11S Driver Fitting with Dustin Johnson

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brown55061 says:

And then tomorrow his swing changes and none of the fitting matters

Gman6755 says:

Hey, I bought this driver and mine won’t go 332 yards! I want a refund!

TheArfdog says:

He didn’t like it. But the RBZ woods are a different story.

Derek Anthony says:

“We’re gonna take a half degree of loft off, which is gonna open up the
face a little bit, which is gonna help take that draw out a
little”…proceeds to hit a power draw. Taylormade is a funny company

tweetweettiger says:

Taylormade is the most overrated brand on the market. Heavier golf clubs
for the pros = more distance, less accuracy ; for the average amateur you
don’t stand a chance keeping it straight

Michael Mitchum says:

PERFECT wood to learn faults in your swing! fix it in your swing not with
wood settings

Jake Ledbetter says:

haha he definitely blocked the first ball like 30 yards hahah

Andrew Mitchell says:

This is basically saying that the club is the reason you hit a straight
shot.. so stupid. 

mrjamesgrimes says:

This shit is so stupid

maxpf says:

funniest video :D

yang zhao says:

It’s the player not the club….

Steven Melson says:

Here’s how I see this: Really all this add is trying to do is to promote
some high tech device on a golf club, hoping to draw in some consumers who
truly believe that this is the fix to a slice or hook; by adjusting weight
or closing / opening the face. Look, if you really want to improve your
golf swing and stop hitting that slice, it has to start with improving the
mechanics of your swing, not with some adjustment of a club. Just my

Robbie Perry says:

He pushed it he didn’t draw it

bigmaxy07 says:

his golf ball texted and said WOOWWW!

Jud Seiber says:

This is so fake. No one hits a ball 300 plus yards while only in the air
for less than a second

louis logsdon says:

this whole video is all marketing. they set it up to where the fitter could
showcase all three types of adjustments. first it was the loft adjustment.
then the weights adjustment. then the face adjustment. 

Karmie Tsang says:

At :37 DJs phone goes off

kazukiflash says:

In the RBZ fitting video the numbers were nearly identical to the R11.

Janna is OP says:

That 2nd tee shot was weird- it had a hang time of 3 seconds when the tour
average is more like 6 seconds

Chris McDonell says:

I don’t know if I’d trust a fitter that can’t buy a shirt that fits him

Joe Scherer says:

2:00-2:05 what is he doing? doesn’t look like he liked it much lol.

MegaAppleFritters says:

@Taylormademad Way to steal that from someone else

Lugzeh says:

@sylvhan i agree with you for sure, but its against the rules to change the
configuration once the round has started, so it wont really help you with
shot making during a round

Seth Chandler says:

No you’re obviously stupid, as you could see from where he was aiming, he
hit just about where he was aiming, the flight path was a beautiful bow,
that was a good drive. Nub.

spacetacos19 says:

Meh, I don’t think it’s worth the hype.

Tyler L says:

@Taylormademad you know how stupid you sound?? dustin johnson kills the
ball like that.. i hope you were jokin

bob g says:

they sped up the flight because showing all of it would make the video too

qdE uä says:

That guy that was doing the clubfitting with DJ is an idiot. You can do
whatever you want with the club, put some weight in the heel, close the
face a bit, but at impact if the face is open relative to the path the ball
will curve to the right (positive spin axis). DJ is not a machine, he can
hit the ball offline, the guy that was doing the clubfitting with him did
only pay attention to the club, he forgot to pay attention to the fact that
maybe it is DJ’s fault that the ball went right or left.

Ben Harris says:


Uriel Olmos says:

Keith fits all taylor made tour players, and he also caddies for DJ at
times…and from what I have seen they are good friends, I KNOW DJ takes
him seriously, and by the way it was a commercial….

Dominic Scaletta says:

his phone goes off at 0:37! WOW

Joseph T says:

no he hit it 331 then he hit it 350

Alphapwn24 says:

he hits farther with the rocketballz 3-wood.

Alex Summers says:

why does the fitter only allow 1 shot before jumping to the conclusion that
it needs changing? give him 3 or 4 find the average problem, like on the
second shot it was just autocorrect.

MrTiggerMoo says:

Dude REALLY does not like that thing

thomas1231001 says:

he hitted it 341 with the r11, and 332 withthe r11s -__-

Van Togg says:

@Lugzeh yeah because whenever i play golf my friends and i always adhere to
usag and pga regulations…noob

Mike Cullen says:

Why he uses rbz!

gamefreakduf says:

I have the old R-7 that i hit a ton down the centre of the fairway, i just
shelled out big bucks for this R11-s and i hate it. I have had one straight
shot with it, it hits like a boomerang! I have let my friends who are very
good golfers try it and we all come to one conclusion, all Doe and no SHOW!!


Geez, R11s, he hits it 332. Rocketballz 3 wood, he hits it 333. You tell me
which club is better!!??

vforusa777 says:

he does not like that fade. he’s like WTF

tauchastar98 says:

i think that rbz is much better than r11s. i think between r11 and r11s is
no progress. I can just wait for the r13, im looking forward to this 🙂

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