TaylorMade R15 Driver 13 Handicap Testing

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TaylorMade R15 Driver 13 Handicap Testing
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In this series of videos Rick and Mid Handicapper (13) Rob Potter test the latest drivers to see what technology can offer the average golfer. Rob lacks power and want to hit the ball further. See how Rob gets on testing the TaylorMade R15, Titleist 915 D2, TaylorMade AeroBurner, Mixuno JPX 850 and Ping G30

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JAG sixtyfive says:

Don’t be offended Rick, but these are the best vids you’ve done!! To hear
Robs views are both entertaining and informative. Keep this stuff coming.
You can make a Youtube star out of Rob yet!! Haha.

kf says:

I really like seeing someone who swings closer to my speed! Good post!
Would like to see the beard again!

Oni Link says:

Rick! Love your videos, but could you possibly make a short video on where
the golf ball should be in your stance when using different clubs? I only
know 100% where it should be for driver ….

golfminja says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf Interesting video, glad you’ve used a real world guinea
pig, sorry rob (club player) in this test. But, yet again we have another
video with the over emphasis on driver distance rather than accuracy.

The first thing rob should be addressing is that hook, not purchasing a
shiny new driver which may give him a few more yards.

I’ll bet my bottom dollar that rob’s hook, while on the range may be
manageable would under pressure develop into a snap hook on the course.

So, your next video with rob, you should address his over draw and then
test his driver stats.

Michael Rolton says:

Top man Rob. Great video for us normal guys. Hopefully, one day, I will be
as good as you.

darkhorse2reign says:

Love the golf vids w a regular guy. Awesome.

Robert Singh says:

Ball speed is higher with R15, that is why it is longer…

Jaenuwine says:

Rob is complaining about the white head on the R15 while wearing a white
belt? For those of you guys trying to pull off the white belt thing? Please

GENO Dboy says:

+RickShielsPGAGolf let him do the d15 and the aero burner in the next one 

Kev Mac says:

Rick any chance of doing a R1 vs R15 to see whether it’s worth upgrading.
Great vids, keep ’em coming. Kev

Scott Dreyfus says:

Rob great consistency with the driver…very impressive numbers with the
16. I just fit a friend from university into a 14* from a 9.5. I had to
cover the loft number up and let the monitor show him the way!

Adam Coyne says:

Good video series. it is good to see the difference the club is making for
players that might not be as good as hitting the same part of the club
every time or who are maybe not as in tune with their swings and able to
knowingly adapt it to fit the club. keep up the good work and keep these
armature reviews going. would love to see the difference Rob gets out of
that R15 after a professional fitting?

Drew Robbins says:

Not sure I agree with the white club head bashing (even though my driver is
grey) as it sounds more like an excuse for a bad shot rather than an actual
reason. Other than that I really like the reviews with a mid handicapper
and actually would really like to see a playing lesson with Rob discussing
course management etc based on his limitations like distance for instance.
No offence intended.

Josh LaFond says:

Great video as usual Rick! “Take a urine test, I’ll see you in 30 days.”
Rob cracks me up! Love the vids with him in it. Keeps the feedback
realistic how I would feel being a 14 handicapper myself mSend him my

LockeyArmy says:

Rob has a great looking swing!, nice to see a “normal” golfers opinion 

bowlocks says:

great vid cant wait till the next one, good to see one of us normal mortals
get a look in for a change, all hail the beardy one lol

eddie brown says:

This is a great video if you just want distance and don’t care if you hit 2
out of 5 tee shots 35 yards off line, which would be out of bounds. If you
actually count all your shots and penalty shots, then neither driver should
be used.

Cace Smith says:

Love that “the beard” is being brutally honest about the aesthetics of the
R15. These might be some of your best videos yet Rick! Keep em coming.

Mike Quantz says:

Rob should test the Titleist 915 D2 and Callaway Alpha 815 next. I would
love to see that compared to his R15 numbers. Also, I am not a fan of white
either Rob. I like contrast to the ball. 

PingDrv00 says:

The ball speed is up about 3 mph. I would be interested in seeing this same
test with the weights in the max distance setting as well, just compare.

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade R15 13 Handicap Testing
with Rick Shiels & Rob Potter

jasonhines85 says:

Thanks for this series of videos, I enjoyed Rob’s perspective as a 13

TheFester999 says:

I’d like to have seen the test in the least forgiving setting. I think rob
strikes it well enough and may have sneaked a few out there over

Bate Bate says:

Rob swings like a girl, with an average 90mph swing speed he will do
better with women clubs like Nancy Lopez… 

caponezone says:

Ball speed is up!

Thexlongerxgame says:

Omg i just realized how tall Rick is. Dude how tall are you XD

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