TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Irons

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TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. mark hits the better player option from the RocketBladeZ TaylorMade range. See it the more true lofted and shorter length on this golf club allows you to hit the golf ball closer. The RocekBladeZ Tour golf iron has found its way into Justin Rose's golf bag could they be heading towards your golf bag to.

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Just got mine today and it sure looks good. Shafts are Xtra stiff and
slightly heavier than regular and stiff flex options. Got a great deal on
hurricane golf for $349 4 to PW!!! Hurry they are selling out everywhere.
These were $900 clubs at realease, well, it is Taylormade who seem to come
out with clubs every Monday.

TheOnly Flow says:

Hey mark was just looking for irons and your review made my decision and I
got the taylormade rocketballz tour thanks 

Rick Cain says:

I just put these in my bag, only three rounds in but I am very happy with

Alex Guffey says:

I’m looking to transition from cavity backs to tour irons. I’ve hit an
older generation ping blades and really liked the way they felt, but that
is about it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Brown Coast says:

Marc, once the sldr irons are released could you possibly do a review of
those with a comparison to these irons? I am seriously looking into buying
these but just saw the release date of sldr irons and would like to know
how much better/worse either one is in relation to the other. thanks and
keep up the fantastic work!

mdony722 says:

I just bought it cos it looks so good thin and its price today is so good
too. Played with it last week. Same feeling w/ my 10 years titleist 802 os

Jess Bustos says:

Thanks Mark! I just found my new clubs!

Barton King says:

I’m looking for some new irons and Mark’s videos are so good in an
entertaining and teaching way. Well done Mark!

ryan roxby says:

Tested these clubs out today along with callaway,cobra and mizuno ad these
were by far best best feeling but the nicest to hit and when you strike it
so moots there’s nothing like it 

Mark Crossfield says:

Taylormade Rocketblades Tour irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

sidecar771 says:

Hey Mr. Milquetoast, it was -25° windchill here in Canada when I set off to
work outside today.

blandhoney says:

Mark- can you speak to the consistency of these irons? TM says that the
slot basically makes mishits a non-issue- distance and trajectory are the
same from any spot on the face. What do you think?

Esoxfan says:

Give me a true blade all day long like mp 69 over this!

danielamoore08 says:

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

David Gallagher says:

what waterproofs are you wearing in this video?

DJfookid says:

It’s a matter of opinion and you happen to disagree. Has nothing to do with
the credibility of Mark’s reviews.

ajh21313 says:

Callaway IS, what? Under a rock, what?

Logan Millwood says:

How tall are u

Dave Bacon says:

Would you say the Taylor made preferred MB irons are better than the rocket

josh gowland says:

Taylor Made are rubbish, even though i have a rocketballz driver… I HATE

ajh21313 says:

Give me the x-forged set, I can always use a back up!

♠ SephirothXTR ♣ says:

Great clubs, i got my own set, with project x 6.0 shaft very recommended
for handicaps 0-15 our even more but deppends on your swing 🙂 probably the
best irons from 2013 😉

I4MY3W says:

is the a blades or semi blades club heads?

Dissco Burr says:

If I hadn’t bought the Titleist MBs last year, I’d be ALL OVER these

cvlyons18 says:

I’m not a huge taylormade fan as well. I really liked the tour version of
this I did like the callaway hot pros better thought. Much better stock

trevor preston says:

are you going to do a video of the Taylor made 3.0 irons

john anderson says:

Best irons I’ve ever hit. So consistent and easy to hit. I don’t see myself
switching for quite a while.

SwanepoelHuntington4 says:

Tried these clubs today at my course. Liked them way more than I wanted to.
Not a taylormade guy but I can’t argue with the results

Jarrod k says:

what do you think vs. the i20…seems like their pretty comparable to each

Ollie Morton says:

It looks mint

Humza Wazir says:

They feel better than any other cast irons I’ve hit. And looks aren’t bad
at all. Not for someone playing MP53s.

mpluis23 says:

I think the thing abut this clubs is the forgiveness of the leading edge is
softer than regular clubs, amateur golfers tend to hit the ball lower in
the face, because of the slot this part of the club compresses and and give
these hits a better feeling, so the sweet spot is lower than regular clubs,
this compression of the leading edge may take some distance hence the
stronger lofts.

david mcneil says:

Got fitted for them by my pro got them on saturday have had 2 rounds think
they are the best TM irons for a long time long irons very easy to hit and
they look good as well

Leftienige Blank says:

Hi Mark, from a freezing North Devon, too ! Is this forged or cast? Also, a
while ago you tried some Wilson forged irons & raved about them, how come
they didn’t make the bag?

StigTalk says:

Mark, have not seen you this excited about irons since the new Mizuno irons
came out. Would love to hear if you put them in your bag.

p1nZo says:

in all fairness, all brands are geared towards beginners these days…..
except titleist..

stewart burns says:

great video i am going to ediburgh tomorow to buy some new iorns i play off
12 and i am 13 and strike the ball good with my iorns any sugetions to look

Jackie Bee says:

I bought these after testing the AP2, CB, Taylormade Preferred CB, Callaway
Forged III. These are great clubs and they feel almost like a forged club.
I have hit the Mizuno MP 64 with s300, but the KBS in the Rocketbladez
seems like a better version of the s300 for me. These clubs are very stable
at impact for me. I love them.

Cydia Tool says:

What happened to spelling on the comment below?

Humza Wazir says:

Hey Mark, thanks for the video. Have been waiting for a decent review of
these since they were announced! Question: does the slot really help on
“thin” shots as advertised? Is distance loss brought down noticeably?

Edaddy916 says:

love the vids man keep it up! one suggestion would be to get a camera angle
from your point of view, getting a look from down the shaft. thanks!

Patrick Singleton says:

still love my R9 tp irons but theese defiantly came close

kingofrs125 says:

I had demo 7 irons of this and was brilliant currently using ping i15 irons
but thought I would always be a ping man I’ve tried callaway forged and
mizuno line and titleist ap2s thought that mizunos and callaways were ok
but not better than my i15s and had ap2 a couple of months ago and couldn’t
hit them went really low and horrible but I hit these today and probably
going to get a set hit about 100 balls at range and every hit was in Center
and I hit a high draw and these work like a charm

Setule eSports says:

I tried these out today and will definitely be purchasing a set they feel
AMA zig and constant

jamieboytellem says:

May I ask why you never/very rarely review any Callaway products Mark?

condensedmic says:

Not forged. But close feel.

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