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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester tests the TaylorMade SLDR Driver in different lofts 8° 9.5° 11° using GC2 technology.

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MDOY79 says:

8 degree drivers are only advised if you swing around the 110 mph range..
probably not your average golfer, even rick here is probably around the 100
– 105 range at a guess although it seems like a small change in speed it
makes a huge difference and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to
achieve it I would imagine. 

Alps P says:

Would getting an even lighter shaft fitted help swing faster and carry
longer ? Or perhaps senior flex 

ch44yuan says:

Got fit today with my brother and he couldn’t get his spin down below
4000rpm until he switched to 430cc head. After fitting with right shaft,
spread on misses was tighter. About 10yard gain. Must get fit!!

Bruce Lonero says:

I am sorry I total disagree with you Rick. I have say these I was hitting a
9.5 ° driver before I bought my sldr. And I did get in that loft. But I
have to say I went from 9.5° to 11° loft because I had more control with
the ball. And I was getting more distance with 11° then 9.5°͵8°. If someone
going to get fit please do. Because this driver can do some amazing
distance and forgiveness. I now that when I loft up I getting over 295 yrs
carry with the 11°. Finishing with 325 total distance.

hardcoremofo says:

in California you would be carrying 300s with your speed.

ChesterGash says:

When you crank it up does it make the club face more open aswell?

Sgt Pepper says:

I’ve just mentioned your YouTube channel on GolfWRX forum,if you wanna pop
the cheque in the post Rick that would be great ;)

Sgt Pepper says:

I’ve just mentioned your YouTube channel on GolfWRX forum,if you wanna pop
the cheque in the post Rick that would be great ;)

Richard tighe says:

I’am swinging at about 100 mph, have the 9.5 head, didnt like the high loft
look, but hit the 11#, better on golf course than range,BUT i move slider
full draw or fade and see no difference? can you test that on the GC2 to
see if it works, or is it just for sales.

JAG sixtyfive says:

One of your best vids so far Rick! Just proves that the ‘blanket’ statement
by TM and some other OEM’s that more launch means more distance is complete
nonsense for some people, and proves the point that it’s vital, as you say,
to go try a few options out and go with what works best for the individual,
not on ‘blanket’ marketing statements from OEM’s. Excellent job Rick!!

Sean Sack says:

Interesting with regards to carry but how many yards would you have lost in
terms of run-out by using the higher lofted version? Another top shelf
production Rick!

Ben Neal says:

Great video as always rick! I think people dont realise how much the AOA
plays a role with this driver. Tour players are lofting up but on average
they have a negative aoa mening they need the loft to get the club
launching, however those with a pos angle of attack wont need the added
loft to get the right launch conditions for such a low spinning club. 

pd9971 says:

“Loft up” huh? Great sales pitch and that’s about it!

Ian Blackburn says:

Great test. Interesting. It seems like the spin is key here as to what
degree to get

Sebastian Montini says:

no fully correct, but great review.
you get a bit more yards with 8.5 than with 11*, but the thing you ignore
is the roll out, with 11* you got far better decent angle (136avg instead
of 140ish with 8.5)

since the avg distance was 276 against 271, i’m gessing that with better
decent angle most likely you would end up with more total distance with the

sean craig says:

Does forward CG mean the weight or feel of the club is more forward…more
like an iron for instance?

Phil McIver says:

Great review Rick. I like the new format of reviews. Detailed and well
compared, everything we need to know. BTW thanks for fast forwarding the
bit where you changed the loft :-P

Johan Melander says:

I’m quite curious regarding one thing. The SLDR is available in different
standard lofts – 8, 9,5, 10,5 and 12 degrees. Do you, Rick, find it
preferable to compare different standard lofts when choosing the one best
suited, or is it just as good tweeking the loft to the one best suited for
our swings?? 

Chris Taylor says:

Hi Rick, something that you may not have considered is how GC2 HMT works,
Based on the images recorded it uses computer modelling to predict the ball
flight and trajectory. In the past I have witnessed distances and ball
flights not born out
by readings when using similar devices. Suggest the only device that can
truly validate what happens in this instance is trackman as it is the only
device I’m aware of that actually tracks the complete ball flight in real
time. No doubt that is why
Taylormade, Ping, Titleist, Mizuno etc. use it for fitting their
professionals and customers at their performance centres.

sburkeyboy says:

Nice work Rick. Did not expect that.
Good vid

Ste Smith says:

Great video was thinking about buying one of these SLDRs but think will
just go try this test with my old faithful taylormade r9 supertri thanks
very much rick just saved me £300 cheers mate great video

ckkone says:

Would like to see you do a distance contest between SLDR and Jetspeed, my
bet is Jetspeed will be longer with better dispersion.

Tiger O'Sullivan says:

Hey Rick so if I came to try out a few drivers would I be able to use the
flightscope so I could see which one suits me and see which one gives the
best distance/accuracy and recommended shaft or would I need to book a
lesson for that information?.

sasquatchtour says:

I think people will be confused by this video. You cannot always take
taylormades one liners and think it applies to everything. What Taylormade
is saying is that if you are going from a club with the cog rearward like a
ping g25 when you will need to loft up when going to a forward cog club. I
went from a 913 8.5 titleist d2 to a 10.0 R1. I had to loft up because my
backspin was to low. Going from the r1 to the sldr I probably won’t need to
increase loft at all but I have noticed slightly less spin with the sldr so
I may go to 10.5 driver. 

Paul Carlyle says:

Ive got a taylormade r540xd dont use anymore because got 2011 rocketballz 3
wood hit 260 yards but not sure need driver winter time
R540XD was 9.5 stiff should i get sldr driver

Sgt Pepper says:

Taylormade say you need a launch angle of 17° & rpm spin of 1700 to get max

Ben Matthew says:

Hey Rick, how does altering the loft affect the face angle? Or have TM
managed to get it square in all lofts. Cheers and look forward to the
460/430 test of the SLDR

golfninja says:

Great stuff, been wanting to see this happen for ages, to see if
TaylorMade’s own recommendations of a high launch angle and very low spin
rate well under 2500rpm which is nothing like we’ve all thought the best
numbers are to actually give the longer distances.
Interesting stuff on these numbers on GC2. The 11 deg driver was giving you
the launch angle at 16+degs kind of launch that TaylorMade are actually
recommending, yet it didn’t fly as far.
Wonder if the fact that they test on Trackman so track the actual flight in
real time, against GC2 which is calculating the numbers based on data from
the first few inches of the balls flight has anything to do with it, would
have thought not, but?
Also wonder what TaylorMade would say confronted with this data which is
giving the opposite answers really to their own recommendations? Really
interesting thanks.

john anderson says:

Interesting review! Can you please review the X2Hot Driver as well as the
Nike 2.0 tour drivers? Im excited for your long drive contests as well!

Spencer Mulcahy says:

Would your club head speed dictate what loft you may need to use. As I see
you have a (what looks like a fast club head speed) where I have a slow one
at 87mph.

Cheers Spen


i would like to see a video on the sliding bar itself. so does this
sliding bar actually work. i hope you will test this in a future video

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