TaylorMade SLDR Hybrid

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TayloMade Golf SLDR Hybrid Review
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre, Manchester Uk tests and reviews the latest TaylorMade Golf SLDR hybrid golf club on Flightscope. Will this golf club make you better? Will it help you shoot lower scores? See if this golf club is the secret to your success.


gman0155 says:

I watch all these sorts videos and enjoy them. But if you think this fella
doesn’t hit the ball before filming then I feel very sad for you. 

Bill Schmidt says:

good club

Dan says:

When you do the review of SLDR and RBZ Stage 2 can you also test the first
RBZ to show 3 years of progress?

huyksauce says:

Sold!!! im gonna get a sldr hybrid now. my girlfriend is gonna kill me.
thanks haha. love ur reviews. keep them coming.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Hi Rick,

I take it that you are using ‘pukka’ golf balls for all your tests? Knowing
this, do you know how much ball speeds are likely to be affected by using
your normal range balls there? -5%? -10%?


Sean Sack says:

Cold? Come to Canada if you want to know what real cold is! Lol

Nev Powell says:

Never judge a book by its cover!!!!

AJCgolf says:

The SLDR driver has been out for just under 5 months. Now they have jet
speed. In the time that taylormade had released 3 drivers ping and titleist
have released only one

sasquatchtour says:

The SLDR replaces the R1 and the Jetspeed will replace the RBZ line.
Taylormade isn’t releasing anymore clubs than any other company. Their
sales were slightly struggling in 2013 and both clubs are an early release
for 2014 in an attempt to remain on top in sales for 2013. Taylormade tries
to have a new release every 3 months to stay in the spotlight but the new
clubs are not replacements but rather designs for different player
demographics. For example the SLDR 430 TP will be next and is not a
replacement model for the SLDR or Jetspeed but more of a niche club like
the r9 super deep. Taylormade replacements models are still around 12
months. For example the SLDR fw doesn’t spin enough for me so if I do
replace my rbz it will be with the Jetspeed but if something doesn’t out
perform what I have I don’t buy it. 

Lloyd D says:

Rick wots happend to the sldr hybrid vs rbz stage 2 video 

golfninja says:

Hey, you’re allowed to change your mind after you’ve hit it, & TM do push
the Club’s out quickly, there’s a new 14 degree SLDR driver just arrived
too!!! One thing about the ‘numbers’ on this hybrid there was a huge range
in the spin rates of those shots, surprising level of change from highest
to lowest spin rate. Almost a difference of 5000 rpm’s from highest to
lowest yet a variance of around 10 feet peak height.

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