Holly Sonders Golf Swing: Learn to Stop Overswinging

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Holly Sonders Golf Swing: Learn to Stop Overswinging tits (Golf's #1 Shag Instructor)

Holly Sonders has a fantastic body with a lot of great moves. It is no wonder she was an all-american golfer in college.

In this video we will go over how to get in the perfect backswing position and how to stop overswinging forever. I know many of you may have been struggling with this move for a long time. But I bet you haven't heard this great tip on how to stop this easily in just minutes.

We also have a great training aid called the Rotary Connect that will put you in this great position and keep your right elbow from flying away from your body at the top of the swing.

Plus: Learn How Paula Creamer gets in the perfect backswing position at the top.

If you would like to learn how to pick up some distance in your golf game, you will want to watch this video!

13 thoughts on “Holly Sonders Golf Swing: Learn to Stop Overswinging

  1. Sweet out the middle. Need to watch this right elbow see what it’s doing.
    Thanks. About to have my first competitive game on wed so should be fun.

  2. Mostly it causes you to be inconsistent in general. If the elbow flies
    away, the club will likely go long and across the line. Then in the
    downswing you could either drop the club back on plane, drop it too far and
    get stuck, or not drop the club at all and come over the top. It causes you
    to have to make some manipulations in the downswing though. ~Clay Ballard

  3. Hi, I think I do this on occasions and causes me to be inconsistent. What
    are the common results from having a wider right elbow please? Slice? Cut
    across the ball out to in? Pulls? Am I likely to dig into the ground or
    half the ball because of this too. I also hit some sweet ones so I’m not
    sure I repeat the same swing time and again. Good video again thanks.

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