Taylormade Speedsoft Ink Golf Ball Review

Welcome Season 4! Today I test the successor to the Taylormade Soft Response. Say hello to the Speedsoft Ink! Is This Golf ball innovative for its crazy design, or is it just a marketing gimmick? Let's find out!

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00:00 Intro
1:53 Design
3:14 Chipping and Putting
6:14 50 Yard Pitch
7:42 9 Iron
9:20 7 Iron
10:45 5 Hybrid
12:37 Driver
14:55 Durability
15:42 Conclusion

14 thoughts on “Taylormade Speedsoft Ink Golf Ball Review

  1. I've tried them for 2 weeks.I like to feel off the driver and the irons and fairwoods.Feel really good and the wedges. However, for me, my 135 yd pitch shot Repeatedly was bouncing off the back of the green. Where as I pull out a vice pro plus and hit the same shot And the vice drops and stops. So unfortunately not for me. Just the lack of greenholding power was the only downside for me..

  2. Played scrambles yesterday. Wison zip for driver and long approach shots, callaway chromesoft for 150 out and chipping/putting around the green. Looking forward to your reviews this year. For me, for now, best results are the zip and chromesoft. Love MGS but your reviews fit most average weekend players. Forgiveness factor is so overlooked. My driver SS low 90s. Keep up the great work.

  3. I'm 24, but I'm very moral based, and quite a nostalgic person. I don't like the design, i much prefera plain yellow ball., maybe the performance can change my view.

  4. My kind of design – just love it . I guess as long as someone else in your foursome isnt using the same one, there's no problem . Even my white balls, I put lots of designs on them. Just find white way too boring !! I know you love your alignment aids , but after trying DOZENS of balls with all kinds of alignment arrows/lines etc. , I found that NONE of them improve my putting results. Am in the process of trying these, and although they do seem better than most mid price range TM balls, I dont think they'll replace the Vice Pro Soft Drip !! But as you say , if you cant handle the wildness, by all means try the white, lol – btw, I'm 75, so not an age thing ????

  5. The price is pretty good, I'd try them when I run out of my other 5 dozen balls. That ink version is horrendous, it bothers me just to see it on the screen.

  6. GREAT DATA!!! And the design is very information overload. I play the Vice drip but it's very subtle design.
    However, the Hi-Vis yellow looks more appealing to me and if they are on sale for $20 a dozen I'll grab a few boxes.

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