The EASIEST Golf Club To Hit In THE WORLD!?

The EASIEST Golf Club To Hit In THE WORLD!? Often when buying golf clubs we think about the best golf clubs for us? the best golf clubs for you. Sometimes you will look for the best golf club of 2021, and if you are a high handicap golfer or even mid handicap golfer you may look for the most forgiving golf club of 2021, the most forgiving golf clubs are basically the easiest golf clubs to hit to make golf easier for you. But what is the most forgiving hybrid? the most forgiving driver? the most forgiving irons?well I personally think that this Ping G425 Hybrid may well be the most forgiving hybrid ever,,, and the easiest golf clubs to hit EVER!

22 thoughts on “The EASIEST Golf Club To Hit In THE WORLD!?

  1. I have for the past 25 years a player who carried Driver, 1 iron, 2 iron, etc. From hitting long iron blades since childhood I was able to hit the ball high when necessary, even with the lowest lofted irons.
    Recently I picked up the G425 5 wood and it has been in my bag since. Crazy easy to hit, easy to turn in both directions, and welcoming to both low and high trajectories

  2. Chris has a nice smooth swing. James makes the game look quite difficult all his swings look like hard work. Jane’s has a very strong short game.

  3. I put a 6 hybrid in my bag last season and it added another dimension to my game. My 6 iron was long, but it came in too flat (maybe 38 degree landing angle) and wouldn't hold a green. The hybrid flies very high, about the same distance, and lands (about 43 degrees) and stops on the green amazingly well. I still carry the 6 iron for the lower flight when I need it, but the hybrid is incredible.

  4. James can you HELP with all your testing and experience testings clubs what advise would you offer to someone who wants to hit a hybrid like an iron? Any suggestions welcomed sir ????
    Big fan Des P 14 handicap

  5. Gotta take these youtube videos with a grain of salt. Spend your money on lessons and anything that will help you see what your swing looks like. At the end of the day, no "easy to hit" club is going to improve your game as much as working on your swing. These thumbnails will turn you into someone with tons of tech, but little technique.

  6. I have the Ping G 425 hybrid 34 degrees and several others in this series. I love every one of them. The 7 hybrid is a beautiful thing!!!!!!

  7. Just getting back into golf after years away… I do a lot of heavy lifting in the gym chasing down that 405 bench press lol… but all the lifting has taken away a lot of club speed I used to have due to wear and tear and having more mass in my arms, shoulders and chest than the average person… I find hitting the hybrids so much easier than irons… I’m not trying to be a scratch golfer or anything… I just wanna be able to hit enough decent shots to make it fun lol…

  8. I just put a 7 hybrid in the bag and LOVE IT. I am a 0.4 hcp currently with about 100 mph driver clubhead speed.

    I have a sweeping swing and the hybrids work great for me. They launch high and land soft. They feel very point and shoot.

    I recommend having them built a bit stiffer and heavier. My 7h has a steel 110g iron shaft and some lead tape on the head playing at 38" length.

  9. Whoever loses has got to put it in the bag ?? You make it sound as if it is a duff club !! You both hit it great so what’s the problem putting it in your bag ? Are you too elitist that you can’t be seen with a hybrid ? Just a bit confused, great videos by the way ????

  10. Ping G425 what ever club is easy to hit period !!!!!! Was so impressed with my G425 driver 12 degree loft option, I just went and brought everything else in the range and my game score has just improved in leaps and bounds.

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