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Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey are out on the golf course doing a driver compare of the new golf drivers from Taylormade golf and Callaway golf. Taylormade have released their new Stealth red face driver and Callaway have launch their new Callaway Rogue ST Max driver. Which one will out performer the other or will both Callaway Rogue St and Taylormade Stealth be two of the best golf drivers in 2022. There are full golf reviews of both drivers on Mark's channel and links are below. We hope you enjoy the video and make sure to leave a comment down below.

Taylormade Stealth – https://youtu.be/A4giZRp8J1U

Callaway Rogue MAX ST – https://youtu.be/_qD_ur0kuyI

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walker b says:

The TM Stealth is an AMAZING driver!

jearley22 says:

you guys talk waaaaay to much.

LG says:

I've been playing for 18 months, currently off 18. Just changed my M2 for the Stealth and had my first range session with it. The difference was insane – and I swapped between clubs during the session just to make sure I wasn't just having a good session. I've never hit so many balls over 220m, and straight, in my life, and I know they'll get longer. It is a game changer for me.

Jadedrhyno says:

Don’t really like the stealth. I think the carbon fiber face has a long way to go, I don’t think this first model is it.

Jeff Moody says:

I think you are correct, they are both excellent clubs. I'm hoping to try them out very soon. Fun review and fairly evaluated.

Mitch Hamilton says:

I tested every driver available to me which was like 10 and for me by far the the stealth was the worst driver I hit all day. Rogue won out for me but if hadn't been the rogue I'd went with the cobra or the Titleist but the stealth I couldn't have played with if they would have it to me worst driver I've ever hit for me in my life

Benny Case says:

Rogue ST or Stealth …..Ooooo a red faced Revolution. That's embarrassing!

Randy Mahony says:

If I were Callaway, I would sponsor coach to play Taylormade. Lol 😆 🤣

spanishfly026 says:

mark's bag is very stealth as well lol

Tracked GT350R says:

Tested the Callaway ST Max LS vs Standard Stealth. Both were excellent and very forgiving but, the Stealth was a touch longer surprisingly. I plugged in my gamer shaft in the Stealth head, that might have made the difference. Both were longer with less deviation that my M5 head.

Nova Scotian says:

Matt needs to stop hitting a draw. Like, now.

Geoff Coombs says:

I can't hold this in any longer but I think the sole of the stealth is hideous looking, I'd take an M2 any day

Geoff Coombs says:

The amount of editing I have to do to write an average at best comment is bloody ridiculous.

Zachary Derrick says:

Considering your views/findings on shafts, how do you deal with shaft selection when you're testing for your gamers?

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