THE BIG DRIVER BATTLE! TaylorMade Stealth vs Callaway Rogue ST Max vs Cobra LTDx

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I compare 3 of the best golf drivers of 2022 – TaylorMade Stealth Driver vs Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver vs Cobra LTDx Driver and marking them in the following 4 categories of looks, feel, accuracy & distance. Which driver is the winner? Watch to find out.

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GoldGunsandGolf says:

Drives me nuts when people compare clubs for accuracy based on a PERSON Hitting it.. it's too random. DO A COMPARE TEST WITH A SWING MACHINE!! THIS WAY WE CAN GET AN ACCURATE READ ON WHICH DRIVER IS MORE CONSISTANT.


Mike how you doing I like a lot of your comments I've been watching you for a few years now the only problem that I have is that sometimes on the important things that you're talking about you go a little too fast and I have to go back and listen to you a couple times

tigerbalm says:

Callow got back!

Kyle Davis says:

I demoed these three drivers in my search for the right one for me, and the winner was clear – it's the Rogue. Extremely forgiving, great feel, distance, set up, sound, etc. The most obvious plus was the dispersion, or lack thereof. I made a couple swings where the Rogue really stood out – one was a common mistake that I make (I'm an 8 index), where I slide my left hip too much laterally and the result is a flare/slice to the right. I made such a swing and looked up expecting to see the usual result but in fact the miss was a slight push to the right. Not a flare or slice but a straight, very playable shot. The other miss of mine is the over-the-top pull down with the hands, and the usual hook/pull that we all dread. Again, I made such a swing and looked up expecting to see the usual result, and was surprised to see only a slight pull… still playable.

I hit numerous balls with all three. The Cobra isn't far behind, but the Stealth lags significantly. I hit a couple with the Stealth that were very good, but the dispersion was not what I was looking for. I've heard from people who have the Stealth that it is inconsistent, and I can attest to that. To me, it spun too much from side to side and the dispersion was too big, and the sweet spot too small.

I bought the Rogue with 10.5 loft and the standard Tensei shaft. I've now played two rounds with the Rogue driver (and 5 wood, which is also excellent), and in the second round I hit the first six fairways – all with really good or great drives, i.e. nothing mediocre – best driving stretch I think I've ever had – and drove the ball very well over both rounds. I am a big fan of this club, and as I have seen from numerous reviews, so are many others….

stephprime says:

the most important thing about a driver is the shaft! the head gives differences, too, but they are – in comparison to the shaft – very small. All brand make good drivers today, so get fitted and try the shaft you like for your swing. For me personally, the feel of the shaft is the most important thing – it has to be smooth and stable and has to give me goot feedback. Found all that in the Fujikura Motore F3 or the Diamana D+ ltd – both superb shafts for my swing and my game. Currently setup was Motore F3 with the Cobra XB and absolutely love it. Alternitve is the titelist Tsi2 with the Diamana schaft. both awesome drivers

Stephen DiBari says:

Great comparison Mike. My go too would be Rouge ST max also.

I recently hit a Rouge 3W Max and just WOW. Feel/sound was amazing.

My current driver is a 2016 M2 and it’s awesome. late last year I was custom fit with an Evenflow Riptide CB 6.0 shaft and it’s playing terrific so no need to look to change this year. Maybe next year I’ll compare it to the Rouge St Max and see how the numbers compare. I’m sure I’m losing a few yards in distance but I can’t see spending $500 + on a new driver at the moment

05reddragon05 says:

I got fitted for a Rogue ST after trying almost every driver on the market. Was the most consistent and longest with the Callaway

Peter says:

High handicapper here & after 10 years of playing a Taylor Made Slider driver, I got fitted and chose the Rogue $549 with an inch shorter shaft. Thank you for the review!

Michael M says:

Your numbers are crazy for this test. You and I appear similar build, I’m 6’3, and in previous tests our numbers have been quite similar both in club head speed and spin rate.

In this case I have no experience w/Cobra driver but a couple of my golf buddies have the Rogue, one this same Max, the other the triple diamond. I’ve taken a few swings with both. The Max has stock Tensei Blue stiff shaft. The triple diamond has a Ventus Blue 7X. The Max did not appeal to my eye, looks like a Buick on a stick, but biggest issue was the flight. I was seeing relatively high launching that would ramp up wildly. I did not have a launch monitor but I’m betting it was 3500 or thereabouts. This was at 9* loft. It was arrow straight but I’m betting I was seeing 140-150’ height. I only took maybe 5-6 swings, has I teed it way down it would have helped but my strikes were near dead center height, slightly toward heal. The Triple Diamond was different animal. The shaft was too heavy for my tempo, I play Speeder NX 50X in my ST220G, but super stable, long and great feel. Just an awesome club with nice penetrating flight. Really easy to hit low power fade or a high draw. Again no launch monitor but I’m guessing 2400-2600 spin on 10 shots.

How you could get a Rogue Max to average under 2100 spin over 10 shots with your club speed and launch is unbelievable…if I didn’t see the numbers myself.

Just out of curiosity, your own gamer you said is Rogue LS, what is your target spin rate with that club?

Dick Broomer says:

Hi Mike loved your Video 👍a perfect mix of feel & data plus looks, I went for the Rogue Max D 10.5deg (set+2) with Tensei Blue R flex against my Ping G410 on practice ground with a launch monitor longer 10yds, more ball speed, plus nice strong ball flight, Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Senior Golfer

Member 1234 says:

Michael hit the last years radspeed much further than all of these drivers.

Michael Maloney says:

You were longer with the 2021 zx5 over all of those

Bruce Hubbell says:

I would give up 4 to 5 yards in distance for more center of fairway accuracy.

ms usa says:

Why do we always compare name brand drivers and not alternative drivers. I was at the driving range one day and a guy who broke his name brand custom driver tried my in expensive PGX offset driver and it corrected his slice. So he paid me cash on the spot for it. Wow so much for name brand drivers that can’t even compete with $75 dollar driver.

taylor D says:

Tsi3 for the win!

freddywayne says:

Who is this channel even for!? 🤔

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