2022 golf drivers – what to expect? EP103 clip

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16 thoughts on “2022 golf drivers – what to expect? EP103 clip

  1. I got a 2021 Cobra RAD speed new for $330 on 2-05-2022. I also saw some demos for sale for $300. The demos didn’t have the shaft I wanted but did get the RAD 3 wood demo for $200. I very rarely buy new drivers or irons. Putter sometimes and almost always new wedges.

  2. Put Poly Max Extremes on any cheap golf driver and BOOOM!! your driving longer and they are used by pros during practice. Get them on amazon & ebay it's cheaper than buying a new driver.

  3. The problem with the driver game is that the YouTube testers don't hit enough shots to actually deliver a statistically significant result. So the shots they do manage to hit pure make a bigger difference in the overall result (the averages of the 5 or 10 hits they make with each club). I want to see these guys hit 20 with each club, remove their best and worst and then take a look at the average result. We don't have to see you hit all 20 with each driver in your comparison, but put the effort in to give us some real 'data'. Just my two cents…

  4. I'm actually more excited to see how the slightly more affordable brands are going to compete this year (Mizuno, PXG, Cobra, Cleveland etc.). It's getting harder and harder to justify a big brand purchase other than bag appeal.

  5. New drivers coming out is good for the second hand market, it means the prices of the drivers from the last few years drops abit and puts it into a price bracket that a certain group of golfers are happy paying

  6. Golfers are irrational emotionally and illogical intellectually. Golf club makers count on it to sell $600 drivers and $1500 irons to 20 handicap weekend warriors.

  7. I went with Cobra because of this exact same reason. Thanks to Rick showing that the technology is not worth buying because we have hit a ceiling, I saved hundreds on clubs and know that my driver will stand up against any upcoming driver

  8. Some bit of useless AI face tech or something similar. New colours and an extra $75 per club. Something you can still slice into the houses

  9. I think more and more people will start looking at smaller brands because of price. Companies like Wilson Staff, Cleveland, and Cobra are making great products and not asking 550$ for them.

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