Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons 2014

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Review of the Taylormade Tour Preferred MC Irons 2014 by Award winning PGA Professional Matthew Conner,

UK Golf Tuition Breaks. The Number one in the North East:


Matthew's most recent awards ‘Golf Foundation PGA Professional of the year 2009', ‘Scarborough & District Sports Coach of the Year 2010' and former PGA Rookie of the year.

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Tony Garcia says:

I would be interested in a review of the new Adams XTD forged…. Thanks

TherymasterWidnes says:

Chrooooooooooooooooooooome finish!

mike hunt says:

Taylor made is trash
Give me mizuno irons any day 

S Jan says:

Happy sporty 2014 matthew! Keep up the good work… I always enjoy your
video’s, you are the best, most funny and most trustworthy on YouTube when
it comes to testing golf stuff.
When will you review Callaway Apex irons? they feel like butter …so soft,
curious to have your honest opinion.

Eric Davis says:

Matthew still records in monaural 🙂 thanks for the reviews though!

Jordi Eslotes says:

Happy new year!! Nice review,for when the Nike VR PRO Blades? 😛 :P

MDGolfaddict says:

Good stuff. You reviewing the MB’s

David Bowiefans says:

I now want a glass of lemonade……cheers Matthew

Jonathan Steinmann says:

You are out of your mind. The MC irons have a great feel, and even the
cast long irons feel very soft compared to most irons with similar game
improvement features. I think TM has done a great job of matching the feel
of the forged lower irons with the cast higher irons.

Joe Wiseman says:

Ping doesn’t mess about with QUALITY, nor do they try to fool you with what
they are selling, what you see is what you get (and yes, I’m a Ping fan so
I’m biased). You know what you’re getting when you buy Ping. I’m
disappointed because they are trying to rope in the lower HC players to buy
these irons and they really aren’t what they seem. Its disappointing also
because these are such nice LOOKING irons!

Sgt Pepper says:

Hope you can get hold of the Cleveland 588 custom driver,I’ve seen pics &
it looks a beaut

AJCgolf says:

Not impressed with taylormade, casting the longer irons because its cheaper
to maximise their profit margins. Good business but you could never imagine
titleist or ping putting the quality of their clubs second

S Jan says:

Ha I would never pay for lemonade when I get water! and worse…. getting a
half full glass of water! instead of fully forged irons.
Shame on TM, I am done with them, they won’t fool me, plenty of good clubs
around… in the end it is not the head that matters that much, rather the
shaft is important, true or true?

Scott Mensi says:

How do these compare to the MP 54?

Montecrie85 says:

Call me uninformed but it seems that the clubs are cast within the longer
irons so they can create the speed pocket without milling the face and
possibly causing an imbalance in ball speed across the set while the
shorter scoring irons are forged as I do not believe they have the Speed
Pocket. In fact, seeing it within TaylorMade’s site further enhances my
belief. Good showing, Matthew.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Interesting vid Matthew. Do you know when you will get the chance to review
the Ping i25 range of woods/hybrid?


mmaker1337 says:

isnt because 3-7 has speedpocket and cant be forged because of that?

Tom Howard says:

Great review, interesting to see Taylormade’s direction in design. What
clubs do you play? Would be interesting to see what you play and why.

brian fullam says:

Once again another great review matthew..went back to hitting mizunos after
playing with t/made tp’s,really looking forward to the release of these
review irons, the first thing that jumped out was how well you hit them but
cast irons in the low numbers not good. Going for a proper fitting in feb
when most of the new irons will be out, looking forward to seeing your
reviews in the coming weeks have a great 2014.

Ben Ewart says:

i dont trust taylormade clubs at all with all the distance claims they make

MacClellandMan says:

“Forged” and “Players” irons are not synonymous. Obviously there are cast
players irons. TM does not deserve bashing for making a TP cast iron. No
one can reasonably challenge the success of Ping’s near 100% commitment to
casting over forging. Allegedly, monetary savings is not a factor, but
manufacturing flexibility favors casting. Feel is a different story. It
really comes down to individual sets and makers. There are more than a few
players who will take the ‘pop’ from a cast iron over the ‘butter’ from
some forged. Play the irons that inspire you and that you play best.

Eugene Robson says:

Hi Matt, when do you think you’ll get hold of the MB’s?

Sean Sack says:

Must be cast due to the speedpocket I assume. Can’t imagine that would be
possible to do if it was forged. Selling the whole distance thing again.
How about a comparison with these against mp-54 or titleist cb? 

skxf430 says:

What is the flight difference between KBS Tour and TT Dynamic Gold shafts?
Higher or lower? Longer or shorter?

Eugene Robson says:

Welcome back Matt thumbs up matey, wish I was on fire new year hangover I
think, played like a donkey today haha! Can’t wait for the MB review

HeidisBrother says:

Great looking iron, considering the brand. Not surprised it doesn’t feel
soft lol. Great review!!

MrShewdogg says:

The thing is with Taylormade is ther produce nice clubs just to many! Ya
get one then suddenly the next breed is out

DC in Glasgow says:

I have been fortunate enough to get a per release set of these clubs, I
really can’t get the comments on the cast v forge on these the long irons
to me feel amazing have never hit a forged long iron as well and as easy as
these the short irons do feel really soft but to me in my opinion there’s
not a massive feel difference thru the set, if your in market for iron
these are a must try
At times I feel TM can’t win they bring out a classic looking set of irons
as the last TP range were cheap and gaudy looking now they go for classic
lines put in tech that works and get slaughtered for mixing cast and forged

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