The BEST NEW IRONS For Mid Handicap Golfers!

In this video we look at some of the best new irons that are available for mid handicap golfers on the market today focusing on Titleist, TaylorMade and a surpise package in PXG! ???? Thanks for watching! Make sure to check out…

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18 thoughts on “The BEST NEW IRONS For Mid Handicap Golfers!

  1. I had the PXG 0411 but they weren’t a good fit for me. Switched to Titleist T200 and I love them. They’re incredible. I play between a 83 and an 89 on my good days.

  2. My brother got a set of used P790s from a buddy for $600 dollars. (He also included three vokey wedges…yes I know) The buddy bought a brand new set of the all black P790s and sold the other set to my brother. I hadn't golfed with him in a year. He is probably a 25 to 30 handicap. I swear nothing in his swing changed, just the clubs. Almost every single shot with those irons were baby draws. I was stunned. His distance also improved. Something about the irons (I believe) and possibly the weight of the clubs were perfect for his swing. I wondered if it helped him hit the sweet spot a lot more as well. He had three of four shots from 150 to 200 yards out that he actually cleared the green. I am a believer. I am personally not in the market for a new set of clubs and probably won't be for 3 to 5 years but I will give the future equivalent of the P790s a good long look and recommend to my buddies in the market to do the same.

  3. I myself play 2019 T200’s. I love them. I can feel exactly where the ball comes off the face. First set I’ve ever had that good.. went as high as a 15 index and as low as a 10.7. AMT black R300 work for me as well..

    Want to try the 23 versions but apparently blade is slightly shorter and less forgiving…. We will see

    P790 very similar to 23 T200

  4. My Calloway Apex DCBs are amazing for my game. Added some distance from my old irons and I have never been more consistent. Usually shoot mid to low 80s

  5. Hi i am using ping g 400 i score 13 to 16
    But i struggle with the lob wedge and sand as it has a thicker base maybe…….what would you recommend me ….or do i need a change……also the putter i need with a big base for line alignment……thanks do let me know

  6. everyone is different. Im a high handicap and the best irons for me are the P790s. With them i get the consistent distance and spin. Go get fitted for clubs and you will find the perfect ones for you. Dont just buy irons.

  7. Pete another great informative vid.
    I’m a 59 year old been playing just over 2 years and are currently a 13.1 handicap and playing Titleist 718 ap1s and hitting a bit long to the average player.
    Keep up the good vids

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