Tiger Woods Swing Analysis 1997-2008 – by Steven Giuliano

Steven Giuliano shares his insights into some of the swing changes that Tiger has made from his early years as a golf pro working with Butch Harmon to his later years working with Hank Haney.

7 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Swing Analysis 1997-2008 – by Steven Giuliano

  1. he looks extremely uncomfortable at the top of his swing.

    am curious why butch got him to go across the line. am somewhat surprised
    that tiger woods wasn’t textbook pre-haney and that butch would get him to
    swing that way.

  2. Agreed, He only keeps changing because he cant do the 2000 swing anymore.
    If he could he would be using it right now. Age … and surgeries.

  3. From a technical standpoint, 2008 is definitely better and very close to
    what most pros would teach. People forget that his iron play under Haney
    was utterly phenomenal and his driving, while worse than his peak with
    Harmon (99-2000) was no less accurate than Rory today, statistically. Oh
    yeah, and he won 41% of the tournaments he played in from 2005-2009.

  4. I feel 1997 had alot less muscle memorie involved. He went with his “i dont
    care” swing, which is what made him scary. Ever since 2008 Tiger has just
    got lost in analyzing his own swing because of injuries and age. Which
    causes him to be so much more eratic at times than he used to be

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