Testing the cheapest golf drivers the club for better players. Titleist golf clubs have also be branded as the club for better players and have also managed to get away from that but are Titleist golf clubs for beginners too. Mark Crossfield continues his golf club testing to find the best golf driver ever by testing cheap golf drivers. In this series Mark has found some of the best and worst golf drivers ever. Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Please make sure you're SUBSCRIBED to the channel and have notifications switched on by hitting that bell.

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  1. One of the best drivers ever created! Still stands up to this day. If my Ping G410 ever fails me, I put the 907 D2 back in the bag.

  2. I have a 907d2 9.5 degree with Graphite Design ys6+ stiff shaft. Very forgiving and quite long. I have no problem playing it even after 15 years.

  3. Would love to see you test a 910D2 against something more modern – I still game that driver and recently compared it on trackman to a TS3. 910D2 came out on top which was a surprise to me

  4. one of the longest drivers i've played with uses a 907D2. he's pretty bad with all the other clubs but hits these ridiculous low bombs that have just the right anount of spin to curve upwards or fall out of the sky.

  5. Hmm, OK. Here goes: "Cult" drivers (the L4V and the 9015D have their own mega threads on Golfwrx): Orlimar HipTi 420; Adams 9015D; Cobra L4V X speed; Adams Fast 12 LS; Bridgestone J33R; Cleveland Launcher Comp; Wishon 919THI; KZG VC420; SMT DB455; Nakashima NP1; Bangomatic 460; Geek DCT; Krank Rage; Krank Formula X or XX; Nickent 4DX Evolver; original Ping Rapture (not the V2); Snake Eyes 600 or 650; Knuth High Heat; Zevo or Snake Eyes Compressors (forerunners of jailbreak tech). Any current offerings by Lynx, Benross or MD Golf eg Lynx Black Cat. JDM cult drivers: Ryoma D1; S-Yard T388; JBeam FX BM 435; Onoff 358. Know you're only after driver suggestions but have to drop the following – Fairway woods: the original Orlimar Trimetal low profile fairways; Tour Edge CB2 or CB4; Sonartec fairways. Hybrids: Sonartec MD hybrids. Irons: Maxfli Revolution Black dots. Good luck with that!

  6. Great series this and I really like the little digs at the miracle workers out there 🙂 I can tell you another "secret", Bryson did not gain 40 yards by signing with a different manufacturer….

  7. If people want to waste their money on "stuff" then sell them "stuff". Some people get more enjoyment out of buying things than actually using them. No different than buying a high performance sports car to sit in traffic on the way to work. Not my thing, but to each his own.

  8. Mark, I play the 907 and have done for 8 years. I hit it straight and average 250. Looking to upgrade to a new driver and wondered what you might suggest that would have a similar feel and maybe a little mor distance. I'm a 15 HC.

  9. Another great vid. Ok here goes, my last attempt at recommending a club. And given your equipment partnership this shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain. Please (PLEASE) can you test a Srixon W506, available in the early 2000s. I owned two and still have one of them. Shafted admittedly with a UST V2 shaft, it’s still one of the longest drivers I’ve ever owned. So Mark, Srixon W506….. please ????

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