Look how much drivers have changed in the last decade! [Driver Mini Series EP2]

The next instalment of our driver series looks at how drivers have changed in the last decade.

Changes happen gradually over time so seem slow and you maybe don't notice them. But put a decade old driver next to a new one and, WOW, the changes are mind blowing!

0:00 What was happening in 2011?
1:04 What was Donal using in 2011? (TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0)
1:40 White driver crowns
2:44 The introduction of moveable weight and adjustability
4:45 How the use of carbon changed the game
6:53 A.I. take things a stage further
7:58 Side-by-side comparison
8:30 But what about price – has it changed as much?

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5 thoughts on “Look how much drivers have changed in the last decade! [Driver Mini Series EP2]

  1. the superfast 2.0 is still in my bag. I had a Rocketballz driver in my bag for a while which I did hit longer, but I have a 44" shaft and like the draw bias in the superfast and still like it. If I can find a good used more modern driver this year I think it's time to upgrade, but I definitely got a lot of years out of that burner.

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