Tiger Woods Chuck Quinton Model Golf Swing at RotarySwing.com

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13 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Chuck Quinton Model Golf Swing at RotarySwing.com

  1. It’s amazing that you don’t talk about swing plane that often and yet this is one of the most perfectly on plane swings I’ve seen. Awesome stuff

  2. Tiger has a great swing and overall good mechanics. He does put himself at risk for hip injuries by shifting past neutral joint alignment, but does many other things very well. No ones swing is "perfect", but a great swing to imitate in many regards. ~Clay Ballard

  3. Why would I want to swing like a guy who is going to blow out his hip? According to you, Tiger is a walking time bomb. Sean Foley apparently knows nothing.

  4. @logozusa

    While I agree this may not be a pure 1-plane swing where body rotation is used to square the face, the left arm and shoulders are pretty much on the same plane as each other at the top. This for me is a 1-plane swing more than it is a 2-pane swing.

  5. it goes straight almost everytime? I have trouble with finishing on my right heel (lefty) in good balance, I tend to finish on the side of my foot. really solid swing where do you teach?

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