The BEST CLUBHEAD SPEED Training Aids // Swing Faster & Hit the Ball Longer

We review our top choices for training aids that help players add more speed to their swings!

0:00 // Intro
1:28 // SuperSpeed Golf
6:05 // Rypstick
9:06 // Stack System
13:55 // Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

22 thoughts on “The BEST CLUBHEAD SPEED Training Aids // Swing Faster & Hit the Ball Longer

  1. Great stuff as usual guys…I have the Super Speed sticks…the downside, you need to carry 3 sticks and you have to manually record everything. So, easy to not keep up…I like the Stack System and will be trying that one next…I’m in my early 50s, fit, but have had both hips replaced so swing speed has diminished a bunch…the super speed sticks were very helpful to get me swinging a reasonable speed again! FWIW, I will second the PRGR…I LOVE IT! I also have a Mevo+ and a SkyTrak (don’t judge). I use the Mevo+ at the range and the SkyTrak in my garage where I don’t have as much space, and when I travel…But the PRGR is ideal for that pre-round warmup on the range; discrete and easy to set up, and very accurate for the limited data it provides…great tool…

  2. Am I the only one who did not benefit from speed training. 67 years old with 101 swing speed. Ball speed 145 to 150. No improvement after 6 weeks and gave

  3. 100% back The Stack System. I posted 2 videos on it and how it increased from 99 mph to 112 mph with the first session. Love the content you are putting out.

  4. From my coaching experience and background the stack system is far superior because of the app and their training program. The other systems recommend too many swings with insufficient recovery between swings. The stack system emphasizes quality over quantity. And recently they’ve just sent updates For their app.

  5. Can someone help me make sense of this? I just started my SuperSpeed training. I’m a right handed golfer. When alternating between dominant and non-dominant side, I am swinging significantly faster on my non dominant side with (perceived) less effort. Has anyone here experienced the same? Any suggestions what could be happening?
    Thanks ??

  6. Used SuperSpeed last year, went from 78-80 mph to 90-95 w/driver in just a couple of months. My avg driver distance (total using GPS app for dozens of rounds) from 185 to 228. Unfortunately hurt my elbow and had to stop the training but it works.

  7. What's the opinion on the non-dominant swings? I know that superspeed recommends them, but the stack system says that they don't really do anything. Any thoughts from your testing?

  8. In June 2021, Android accounted for about 46 percent of the mobile OS market, and iOS accounted for 53.66 percent of the market. Dear Stack, many of that 46% are golfers. I'd argue a bigger % vs IOS. Seems strange to ignore 46% of the market with such a scientific based product that uses math, algos, etc.

  9. Idiots. Speed and acceleration are not the same thing. Force = Mass X Acceleration is the formula for force. Speed is often mistaken as the same. It is not.

  10. First off I love the channel and I'm always looking forward to the next review. I'm on week 19 of the superspeed system, the speed I've gained has truly helped my game went from 265 to 270 carry to easily 295 to over 300 carry and it seems like I'm swinging the club easier which has increased my driver accuracy tremendously. Instead of feeling like I have to kill the ball every swing to get it out there I just feel like it's an effortless swing to hit it over 300 now which has made my handicap go from a 7 to a 1, playing from the fairway farther up is way easier to approach the greens than from the rough farther back. Now like every training system you will hit plateaus so looking at the stack system I might have to invest this offseason to keep my body guessing and gaining speed.

  11. I use the PRGR and found it very useful especially in the UK lockdown getting basic feedback hitting into a net in the garden. Will get back to winter speed training. Finished the season positively and starting to think about the goals for 2022.

  12. I use the super speed and I would say the main benefit to me is more psychological, though there definitely is some muscles being worked. It has increased my club head speed and that is showing up on course. In the past I would swing at say 70% max power, I guess because I felt I could control that much effort. This system has made it to where 90% feels just as controlled and comfortable, enabling me to use more of my energy and not feel out of control.

  13. The price was a serious barrier for me even @the $199 made me think a while on the purchase. And I didn’t like the 3 club concept of the SuperSpeed training. So when the RypStik came out I did go ahead and make the purchase. I saw some marginal gains for the time I was able to use it for training. I have also followed Sasho MacKensie for sometime and when I saw the release of The Stack System with his training regimen in the app I intend to make that purchase as well. His input into training based of his research and understanding of the bio-mechanics behind a good golf swing make the additional cost for his system definitely worthwhile.

  14. Question.
    Do you have content on baseball swing transitioning to a golf swing? I’m a beginner at golf and I struggle with consistency. When I make on contact I can drive 280-300yards lol but when I don’t, I have either miss the ball entirely haha or the ball goes 10 feet.

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