Top 10 F1 Radio Goodbyes

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Hate to say goodbye…

Whether it's switching teams or leaving the sport altogether, there have been plenty of farewells over team radio in recent years. Listen in to 10 of our favourites.

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Bbb says:

Ricciardo, magnussen, hulkenberg, never Retire

Yasir S says:


franz schoepf says:

Vettel shouldve gotten a grammy for that hit single

Adam Walpole says:

Daniel is back at Red Bull
Kevin is back at Haas
Nico is back in F1

It’s amazing how it’s come back round

Evan Roldan says:

Kevin 2020: See you guys around
Kevin 2023: GUESS WHO'S BACK?

Karson Racing says:

Moral of the haas story Kevin didn't wanna get in 2021 drama

Faded says:

“I feel we never really saw the best of Kevin Magnussen in F1”

2022: Bahrain P5 and Pole at Interlagos ❤

Ayden Plays roblox says:

I miss the “smooth operator “ 😢 9:20

Planemate says:

Then he comes back in 2023

Sebastian Wilson says:

Daniel's hurts

GTX Gamer says:

For all the legends may luck be with you

KindHardt says:

Well nico Hülkenberg is BACK!

William Corrêa says:

Man, I miss Michael so much 😢

Nimja_ OP689 says:

Ricc is back with rb woooooo

Georgek19 says:

Who knew that Kevin would rejoin Haas in 2022

Tofu Food says:

Very nice words from goatifi

Zeus’ Fun Station says:

Can you imagine if Schumacher stuck around for a couple more years to drive the dominant Mercedes?

West Ham fan says:

2020: “bye Kevin”
2022:”hi Kevin”

Moje Petr says:

I love how first two goodbyes weren't that final as they sounded at that time

TurboFreak says:

2:17 Yeah, but it seems like Schumacher don't have the right to do it as well.

Chinelo says:

Everyone are Saying Goodbye for the Amazing Formula one Driver

Mark Fayad says:

can anyone know the song in Ricciardo's farewell ?

Francesco Testa says:

Vettel continua a farmi piangere

Pancetta A Cubetti says:

And now Daniel Is back to Red bull.

Risma Jacobs says:

Today there will be one from Sebastian Vettel to all of Formula One as he retires, and I'm sure that would make the top ten as well, that's on top of Lewis Hamilton apparently paying for a big get-together with all the drivers to have a a farewell dinner!

Maya Fostok says:

Carlos is amazingly so respectful and precious😭

Maya Fostok says:

Seb singing is on another level

Kendy Bakırcıoglu says:

After 3 Day seb and latifi 🥲🥲

Radeo Radeo says:

I can bet nobody but Kevin could thought that he will come back 2 years later and get a pole for the HAAS)

cynickal_33 says:

Where gonna have to update this after Abu Dhabi 2022

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