The Best Driver of 2024 Is Only $150?! (Don't Be FOOLED!)

The Best Driver of 2024 Is Only $150?! (Don't Be FOOLED!) When buying new golf clubs we often want t buy the best driver for our game… that may mean the best forgiving driver of 2024, the best low spin driver of 2024… or even the best budget driver of 2024… but what about the BEST SECOND HAND GOLF CLUBS in 2024… because generally we all want the best golf clubs but we also don't want to waste money on golf clubs. in this video Gaz bought a new second hand driver from golf clubs 4 cash for a mega budget price… how can he play with it? let's find out… and let's do it now… if you want anything yourself from golf clubs 4 cash check it out here – check out golf clubs for cash here –

13 thoughts on “The Best Driver of 2024 Is Only $150?! (Don't Be FOOLED!)

  1. I've never been fitted. I game a 2021 Cobra Radspeed XB driver. I absolutely love my driver when I am hitting it well. I find i don't hit it as well when I am striking my irons well. I do love the adjustability of the M1. I wonder if a club like that could help me hit my driver better even when I am on it with my irons

  2. the trouble with that range of TM drivers is that they generally have unsightly roof marks in the white paint. Trying to find a good condition one is v difficult.

  3. Hey Gary I would make a call to Taylormade as goodwill gesture to replace the damaged stealth 2..its not good customer care to allow a good guy like Gaz who took 750 of his hard earned money to buy your product. ..come on Taylormade invite him for a fitting.

  4. Was using a r15 until beginning end of last year. Spent £125 for a m5 tour head only.(old shaft still fits)
    No need to waste 500+ on a new one just never going get the value imo

  5. I got a cobra speed Zone on golf clubs for cash 2 years ago,cost me £180 in mint condition, even the head cover was tight to get on ???? still in my bag now.

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