The BEST DRIVERS in golf (For every type of player!)

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26 thoughts on “The BEST DRIVERS in golf (For every type of player!)

  1. When I had my sldr I always wanted to get ahold of extra slide weights. I wanted to try putting one full draw and another full fade and see if it would clean up off center hits.. mine had a habit of spinning in my grip on toe strikes.

  2. I dropped Taylormade drivers altogether! I won't buy another one, unless they become more forgiving in the future. I own an M5 and it has been sitting in my garage ever since I bought the Cobra King Speedzone. I keep the M5 for my second set of clubs, just in case someone wants to come and play with me.

  3. Do you have a video of best "anti slice/draw biased" driver for under £200? This would be helpful for new golfers who slice but don't want to spend a fortune on a driver. Has technology improved the anti slice?

  4. I have to agree with the Callaway Rogue as the best budget driver, I just traded mine in a Dicks but not only is it long but it's a VERY forgiving driver if you can get used to the open face on the club. Kinda sad I traded it in now.

  5. Hi Pete. I hope you reply to this question. How does the forgiveness of the Callaway Fusion driver compare to the newer Cobra Radspeed XB. My HCP is about 22.5 and my normal driver fades to the right. Thank you!

  6. The older style MacGregor Eye-O-Matic out hit the Taylor Burner my buddy got as a gift from wife. He had me buy him one. 2 other co workers also bought it, over 55 of age .I Tried the newer MacGregor MacTec and lost accuracy .

  7. Interesting video I agree with the Rogue and the F9 for sure but the SLDR was not that much better 1 yd?? And the LTD was also not that much better for the difference in price 500$ vs i have seen F9 for as low as 119-129$ is 6 yds really worth that much more money that is a difference of 62$ a yd. Hmmmmm don’t think i would be changing my driver…

  8. I actually have the TM SLDR 12 deg. The ball flight starts higher and seems odd but it just goes and goes. Im setup 1 click past neutral towards draw and it Will NOT fade.

  9. It's refreshing that you mention drivers that don't all cost around $500. It can't cost anywhere near that much to make a driver which means we are getting ripped off.

  10. I had the go rogue and I hit it terribly, I got the new rogue max LS and I hit it 35 yds farther and hit most fairways…….maybe I’m swinging it better but I feel it’s much more forgiving

  11. I had an SLDR 12 degree with a Matrix Black Tie 7M3 Shaft. By far the longest driver I've ever used but so hard to control ?. I now game a Callaway Rogue (og). Can't fault it to be honest. It's deffo a fairway finder

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