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In this video, Neil Tappin takes a look at the best drivers of 2021. He tries out 17 different models and splits his verdict out into five key categories to provide his feedback on what to expect from the driver market in 2021.

Take a look at our 2021 driver reviews:

Callaway Epic '21 Drivers:
Cobra Radspeed Drivers:
PING G425 Drivers Review:
Mizuno ST Drivers Review:
Srixon ZX7 Driver Review:
TaylorMade SIM2 Drivers Review:
Titleist TSi Drivers Review:

Below are details of the 17 different drivers tested, including their specs:

Callaway Epic Speed: 10˚ Mitsubishi Chemical MMT X 60g
Callaway Epic Max LS: 10˚ Mitsubishi Chemical MMT X 60g
Callaway Epic Max: 9.5˚ Mitsubishi Chemical MMT X 60g
Cobra Radspeed: 10˚ Fujikura Motore X F3 6-S
Cobra Radspeed XB: 10˚ Fujikura Motore X F3 6-S
Honma T//World GS: 9.5˚ Speedtuned 55 S
PING G425 Max: 10˚ PING Tour 65 S
PING G425 LST: 10˚ PING Tour 65 S
Mizuno ST-X: 10.5˚ Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana White 60S
Mizuno ST-Z: 10.5˚ Mitsubishi Chemical Diamana White 60S
Srixon ZX5: 9.5˚ HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60
Srixon ZX7: 9.5˚ HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60
TaylorMade SIM2: 10˚ Aldila Rogue 60S
TaylorMade SIM2 Max: 10˚ Aldila Rogue 60S
Titleist TSi2: 9˚ Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 55X
Titleist TSi3: 10˚ Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 55X
Wilson Staff D9: 9˚ Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei 60S

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James Hoben says:

you have sisters of the same driver? why didn't you include other brands? go hit every driver and make up your own mind. this is like reading the old golf sponsored magazines

James Hoben says:

gave a negative review this morning and it was scratched? this is all marketing. who cares what he likes. go hit every driver you can get your hands on and go with results

Eggs Mann says:

All these $500 club companies are lying to you even worse now than they ever did before – their stock " Stiff " shafts are Regular and their " Regular " shafts are Senior flex.
They should only sell the heads.

Stirling Clay says:

Moral of the story don’t buy a Wilson staff driver (i didn’t know wilson even made a driver)

Geoff Ruse says:

I ended up with the Ping 425 LST even though I am not a matt black fan, and the sound was a tad loud at first.
It was the best driver for accuracy and distance consistency across the board with off centre shots. This is a low spin driver that will suit people who don’t need a driver that corrects swing issues. Also this driver works high and low on the face, but even into the wind, high face shots will penetrate very well, and in extreme wind the middle to low face hits will still travel.

Mj says:

What about the PXG 0811? I’d like to see how the drivers perform at a senior player speed.

Barrick says:

I don’t trust anyone who plays ping drivers

Thegamingmonkey says:

Cobra rad speed xb has made my game improve by a mile straight and long

Fred Fish says:

Good to see Honma included. Really good sticks. Another good Japanese brand is the Katana Voltio "stable". At 68 years old and 54 years as a player, with my 11 degree Voltio I am still finding myself out where the divots thin out. Much prefer it to my Taylormades, and other big Americans brands, all of which I have owned and played with.

Zac Roland says:

How do you even do this without PXG?

Jeremy Rose says:

No PXG driver included on the test? 🤔

Summer3 Summer3 says:

How is PXG left out 🤔

Allen Mollitor says:

The only good driver is the one that the ball lands and stays in the fairway. Note; the 300 years OB is never any thing worth the cost.

M M says:

Epic Max LS from Callaway gives the best overall performance and forgiveness IMO. Hot off the face, good launch and roll but enough forgiveness to help all levels of golfers. Also was the overall winner from My Golf Spy for most wanted when it came to distance/ball speed and forgiveness.

NtheKnife18 says:

I’ve played a Cobra F9 the last 2 seasons. Played well with it but felt I could get more out of my driver. Played the Sim 2 Max at a demo, bought it a week later. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Allah Ali Baba says:

Great review Neil… but since all the drivers probably had different shafts, these stats are close but not a true test of Best Driver for over all performance…Thanks…..

TheTeeBox says:

Wins one section, choses the sim2. Follows his own advice very well right🤣🤣🤣

Greg Harris says:

Why no PXG in this list?

Norman Webb says:

I like your content! You have a new subscriber. You should search for Promosm! It’s a great tool to have when your trying to grow your social media or promote your videos!!!

jeffery chambrovich Jr says:

I went with the sim 2 max and I love it! Hitting average 280 and hitting it straight! Improved my game by 5 strokes!

Fabien Truteau says:

Taylormade sim2 max that s my choice too. Agree with you about the incredible sensation of contrôle with this sound

MarkTheLostTraveler says:

Thank you for a in-depth review on all the drivers and price. I just bought the TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX D Driver.

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