Top 5 Greatest F1 Drivers Of All Time

Another Top 5 by Harrison101. This time he tackles the delicate subject of deciding who he considers to be the greatest F1 driver of all time.

Do you agree? Or do you have something to say about this list? Let

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Greatest F1 Drivers Of All Time

  1. Senna had declined during his final season because his car was a death trap. He could smoke anyone in a decent car and get the best out of it. I wish he’d stayed at McLaren so he would still be here now.

  2. What? Prost? Senna is the best driver, genius, all the others drivers, is just drivers, Senna well, is genius, like pele of f1.

  3. Few times I have seen a ratio of thumbs up and down so close to 50/50. Then I watched this and it became clear why. Never mind Senna, whatever, but leaving out Jim Clark makes it clear you are a confused little man.

  4. 1 Fangio – Clark
    3 Senna – Schumi
    5 Prost – Piquet
    Nelson is always underrated…
    7 Lauda – Stewart
    Hamilton, Alonso, Fittipaldi, Hakkinen, Moss, Mansell, Villeneuve

  5. Just would question the evaluation of F1 drivers… the car has a lot to do with the outcome. How anyone could explain the brilliance of Vettel getting consecutive titles in 4 year and nothing much in 7 years after. Maybe those "who know better" can explain. Perhaps this very same reason made so great the Senna-Prost in Maclaren on late 80's.

  6. The real and unquestionable top 10:
    1- Ayrton Senna.
    2- Michael Schumacher.
    3- Jim Clark.
    4- Juan Manuel Fangio.
    5- Gilles Villeneuve.
    6- Alain Prost.
    7- Niki Lauda.
    8- Mika Häkkinen.
    9- Fernando Alonso.
    10- Lewis Hamilton.

    This is completely real bro, you have to accept it!

  7. He never got a full run but Stefan Bellof would probably have been the greatest F1 driver to have ever lived! I mean he demonstrated this by taming 959 the way he did, and that run in the wet (monaco i think) in which in an inferior car posting similar times to senna, the supposed meister of rain and monaco! But to be honest none of this matter as you missed Jim Clark

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