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Choosing the correct golf ball for your game is very very important to ensure that you hit the golf ball as far as possible but still have the control around the greens! What is bets for your game? How as a new golfer do you choose the correct golf ball without sending a fortune?

Link to the golf balls –

What is the best golf ball for me? What is the best golf ball for a mid handicap golfer? Surly we can use a cheap budget ball it does it really make a difference?

Well Alex has found the perfect ball for you if you are new to the game or you are a mid handicap golfers and it is cheap! We are looking at the ERC lake golf balls from callaway golf as i think this is a great golfer for performance and price but also the triple track golf ball is great for new and mid handicap golfers to help you aim to target. One of the most common mistake for all golfers is poor alignment.

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AlexElliottGolf says:

Have you ever used lake balls?

Kristian Irvine says:

Great video Alex. A cheap way of playing good balls.
I play Wilson duo Professional .£27 for 12 urethane golf ball . I have a ball marker that puts 3 lines on my ball .cost £1.50 . As well as using the lines of the tee they are great for lining up your putter. I will definitely be looking up the balls you recommend.
Keep up the good work

Mick Flaherty says:

I buy Srixon soft feel at£19.99 for 12 can’t go wrong for new and mid handicappers. Buy them at American Golf 👍

Beryl Wright says:

Excellent. video, makes me think about choices

Brett Butler says:

Golf really isn't the same without Tiger, miss that absolute brilliance

Terry Holloway says:

Don’t know about Tiger if he’s able he will I use Kirkland 2.0 they spin pretty good and stop quick on the green 2 doz for 24.00 and I spin balance them

MG says:

No worries! I’ll fix it in the downswing. Splash!!!

Zendukai says:

Yeah bought a few used titlest pro v 1's great buys from eBay, for me anyway.

Andy Wood says:

Winter golf taylormade soft select from sports direct. £28 for 24 balls. I believe they are a 3 piece ball. Use a tool and different colour sharpies to copy triple track. Does me fine 👍

ItsAlways Sunnzy says:

The first time I used the Triple Track I won our local tourney. Not sure why but they worked LOL

Jimmy Waller says:

Torrey Pines I hope

Grey The kid says:

Callaway supersoft max are the best balls for high handicap players.

georgia may says:

What about the srixon 338 for winter you suggested a couple of weeks ago… ??? Please AE don't confuse me with facts.

Jean-Claude Guignet says:

It may be possible that amazon good offers for premium balls are for fake ones… I'm using any ball but my best drives are nearly always with titleist, no matter which one… But I only buy inesis 100,very cheap, resistant, good average of distance and precision around the green… Sufficient for a 27 handicaper… And 4,5€ a dozen, not afraid to play over the water hazards

Jeff Sharp says:

I started back playing this last year, got new driver, new irons, new wedges and $45.99 Chrome Soft Triple Track, about a week later I found ERC Triple Track at $34.99 and used them for most of the year. I’ve also used Sugar and Vice Tour ( my 2 lowest scores with these ). So I’ve bought the sample of Vice balls going to see which I like best and use them next year.

Cybek Cusal says:

Using recycled balls lessens production at the factory and probably is good for the environment.

Peter Molyneux says:

I love the ERC Soft, but when I can get new ones for £29.99, it doesn't make sense to buy used ones for £24.99. I have bought lake balls before though.

Shaun1988 says:

I started playing golf in the summer and £25 for 12 Lake balls is not even tempting to me at all when I get brand new AD333 for £20 or callaway supersoft for £20.

Mike Slattery says:

Tigers days has gone ! Get over him and move on !

richy clubsport says:

Never used lake ball's, i use Srixon soft feel in summer, and winter Bridgestone extra soft now in English winter, find they compress well especially of the driver and don't loose much distance with them in cold weather, i just keep an eye out for deals, like a couple of weeks ago a pro shop was selling 2 dozen Bridgestone for £24 delivered
As for Tiger saw the clip of him swinging, looked effortless, think he might have gone a bit stack and tilt so most of the weight on his front foot to protect his right leg? Nothing would surprise me if he came to St Andrews and won the 150th open at the home of golf

Bout du Monde says:

FYI, the greenkeeper's team at my local GC dragged a small pond, actually a par-three water hazard, two years ago and managed to collect 16,000 balls+!

Ron hudson says:

Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods,he’ll be back, he has some kind of magic to him.

chris sellings says:

I find the triple track off putting Alex. With pick and place in the winter you can line it up but in the 1st cut and summer they are off putting.
Lake/recycled balls I've found split within a few shots for me. Could be the astringent they use to wash them maybe?!
Pick ups or "non recycled" are ok. I found a Titleists left dash on the course early August and lost it in the 1st week of September in the sunshine. It had someone else's name on it and a goat 🐐 stamped on it. Very durable ball too.

nuggster33 says:

I use Bridgestone E6. £18.99 on Amazon brand new. Even Srixon AD333's are only couple quid more. All brand new ! Don't see the point of buying second hand lake balls for more money. Sorry Alex, but just don't get it.

Lone Ranger says:

I like that tool (the lines) so much I got two sharpies (blue and red) and drew lines on balls I already have and have used it on the course, helped me a lot with alignment

Wayne Trinier says:

Never used lake balls but I have used some that I found in the rough or trees 🌲.

John Schwartz says:

Alex! Excellent video on inexpensive golf balls for the average publinx player! I have been playing this great game for 65 years and I have always used inexpensive balls including recycled ones. Being a mid-handicapper, I really don't notice that much of a difference. As to alignment on the tee, I try to pick something out in front of the tee box to focus on to hit my ball over. Most of the time, I stay in the "short grass." Keep up the good work Alex! Always enjoy your videos!

Gordon Gidney says:

Hi Alex, I use lake balls but NEVER use refinished balls as they defo do not last.
P.S. Please get away from plastic tees and get bamboo castle tees

Shee Chan says:

From where i m living, lake balls are collected, bleached n sold in a plastic bag. You never knew how long the ball is in the water. Some won't flight properly. And all pick up dirt easily because they were bleached n the sheen onbthe paint is gone. I would rather buy brand new cheaper 2 piece ball

golfnut says:

🦁 will be back in 2023, best budget ball is Wilson fifty elite soft, durable and a quality golf ball in my bag last 3 years

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