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This is the best iron of 2023… and they are completely unexpected!

While down there, we watched the Solheim Cup and had the opportunity to play some amazing local courses – including today's venue: Finca Cortesin itself! If you're thinking of visiting Spain, follow @ViveCostadelSol !

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McNiller and Sons says:

I finally switched away from PXG for Titleist T150s (100 GW, 200 5i) and have been loving the new clubs. Supreme confidence and finally love the look of my irons.

Jonathan Platyes says:

My personal favourites are Wilson Staff Model Blades. Absolute stunners.

Tommy Nguyen says:

Clicked on to see what club it is, clicked out just after 2 mins. I tried to give it a shot but just never been a fan of PXG and couple of my buddies had bad experiences with them.

Ryan McDonagh-Allen says:

The Mizuno 221s are the most beautiful imo

matt becham says:

So this is where C3PO's ears went to.

Luke Hofmann says:

I got fitted for them the week they came out. They look great and feel better. I can control the spin on the greens as well. But Peter, you are spot on with the little dings on the sole from bumping in the bag. I noticed some after round 2 and I’m very careful with them. Still great clubs though!

bizzleb23 says:

Pete would love to see you review Haywood again. They've added to their lineup and curious to see what you think.

Panu Rekilä says:

Spoiler alert! Pete's next WITB video will be PXG irons and iron head covers.

lunkalarm says:

I totally get that these irons work well for people, but for me personally I just can't get past the PXG styling and the overall marketing around their clubs. Love the look of the new T200s though.

BIG BOY says:

No thanks Pete plenty of others in this category that look better and cheaper

Stuart Carson says:

Captain Pete with that cap.

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