The Best Golf Clubs Your Money Can Buy

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TryhardMyth says:

Cobra sells an iron set with 5-gap fire basically that exact price though

Will Smith says:

Sorry bud but cobra is killing it

샘갯 says:

Do they make a good blunt end weapon?

iDoit4LoLz says:

As a fitter, I can confirm, the look and feel is very similar to the TM P-Series. At less than half the price. Buuuuut, Mizuno still makes the best irons in the game technology wise from +hdcp all the way to 20 hdcp. Mizuno makes an iron for more players than any other brand and that's why they are 5 weeks out on custom orders.

BrainInjuredTortellinni says:

Stop making nonsense claims. You know absolutely nothing about golf clubs if you think they all come out of the same factory. You ever heard of a forging factory, there’s a bunch of different ones in Japan that make the best clubs.

M Jacky - 2M views - 1 weeks ago says:

I have been working in golf shaft factory for 4 years with expertise
oven extra

Ggolf says:

Let me get your irons.

Boston Nate says:

Like half the price and extra clubs

Obese Golfer says:

I wanna buy the stock length but my 4 iron is currently 38 inches and the takomo iron is 38.5 so I wanna know if thats a big difference

Anthony Page says:

Wish I could get a set. Wanna send me some? 😂

Tasty key coffee cup says:

Sounds weirdly like a sponsored promotion….🧐

Sam says:

Hey where can I try these clubs? I want to buy some

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