TOP 5 FORGIVING DRIVERS 2021 for Mid to High Handicappers

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The average golfer is always looking for forgiveness especially when buying a new driver. I test the most forgiving drivers of 2021 including Ping, Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, PXG, Mizuno

If you are thinking of buying a new driver then see what I made my Top 5 forgiving drivers of 2021 for mid to high handicappers!

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Guy Hall says:

I’m a free agent – still using my OG Taylor Made BurnerPlus w/titanium stiff & Spoon – 1987

Callaway Rogue ST & Ping have produced best numbers so far.

Then while on course, my buddy says: “try my PXG”

I hit one drive with this thing…

PXG 0811 XF Gen4 fitting next week @ Irvine, CA

Stay tuned

Trevor Graham says:

"This driver would be no 1 but I don't like how it sounds"…oh do feck off 😂

Patrick Higa says:

Sir, I whole heartedly agree, the PING G425 sound awful. Thanks for the info. Much Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands

greg schulte says:

good top 5, however I hit the hogan gs53 max and sold my Ping g425max and never looked back.

Andrew Rivera says:

Really interested in the PXG 0811 XF but it worries me that they don’t sell it at any major retailers. I’d like to try it before buying it but it looks like they only sell it online

Ian Gunster says:

Apart from the sound, G425 Max. Consistently hitting fairways.

Brad Rulon says:

@theaveragegolfer what brand is the pullover with skull and tees? Thanks

Steven Griffin says:

TM SIM 10.5 with Fuji Ventus – Velco Black Stiff.

TheBubbagump1972 says:

Found your video – what a great video! Subscribed straight away, great work mate.

Jay Leonard says:

Had a G 425 hoping it would be my go to driver But I had a hard time timing thing. Went for a refit after Taylor made, Titleist cobra, and Callaway. Turned out I could time The SIM2 The best with my swing. I guess it’s different strokes for different folks what works best for you is the best.

MySpankster says:

currently have the Ping G425 max……but am looking at getting the PXG Gen 4 XF……cheers from Canada

Garry Wilcox says:

I've tried alot of drivers this year and for me the most forgiving was the StX Mizuno having said that I'm leaning toward the ping 425 max when I set the weight in the draw setting its almost as forgiving as the STX but also gives me a few more yards the longest club I hit was the Taylormade sim max 2 but I did not have the same control. I'll get fitted to see witch I'll go with love your video best wishes

Mark Turner says:

Thought the Titleist TSi1 1 would of made the top 5 as a forgiving driver 🤔

Eric Bradner says:

I’ve found the Radspeed XB to be really forgiving. My miss is high on the heel side, and it turns those into really manageable little fades that still wind up in the fairway. How it handles that specific miss, for me, was a deciding factor vs. the G425 Max, another one I liked a lot.

David Martens says:

I have the epic gbb 2017 and I have 30+ handicap but can just crush it with my driver. My average carry is about 250-60 and if I really go for it 290

Jason Kim says:

G425 max for me.

rochelle stanley says:

Cleveland Launcher Turbo

Patrick Gilmour says:

I have the callaway max ls but didn't get fitted so looking to get fitted for 1

Erik Eaves says:

I went with the Ping 425 max and I love it.

J Herl says:

You missed the bullseye Mr Average _ the Cobra King Radspeed XB driver with its Mitsubishi F3 shaft offering is the most forgiving driver of 2021 all day long !!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon B says:

Stz beat out the SIM2 Max on dispersion for me. Tied for length. Callaway and Cobra and Ping just didn't come close for my swing. Didn't try Titleist. Mizuno STZ replaced my G410.

Sean Chambers says:

Me and my dad playing drivers from 80s- 90s I hit 250 constantly will an upgrade improve our games noticeably

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