The Best Golf Pants, Shirt, and Belt

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Dresscode is a content series that guides you in making informed golf attire decisions. With new brands popping up every day, RGC wants to point you to the products that deliver on both quality and style. To learn more about each of the items mentioned in this video, visit

Our philosophy is “look good, feel good,” and with these videos, we hope you will gain the confidence that you're the best-dressed person in your foursome—or wherever. For our first episode, we break down one of our favorite, easy-to-wear looks to rock the next time you hit the links—featuring pieces from Radda, Beltology, and Redvanly. Be sure to stay tuned for future Dresscode drops as we continue to provide the best clothing options for all your needs on and off the course.

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“uncle jojo” by dialgo
“one on the outside” by walz
“have a seat pour a drink” by francesco dandrea
“strange days” by walz


Kaedon Samy says:

This is what the people needed

Quinn Brewer says:

Man you sound exactly like Dax Sheperd

g0spy says:

Please do more of these.

Joao Holtz says:


Andrew K says:

Wait- this has to the most ironic statement in-conjunction with an image at 4:27 when Erik quotes the maker of Radda shirts "…felt the game was too exclusive…" (cut to Erik wearing a Rolex GMT Explorer II Pepsi-dial as he's wearing his non-exclusive Radda shirt – the watch retails for more than $8K ) then hear Erik say – "…something I can totally get behind." I don't know, I think these are great look pants and belts, all with premium price tags, but unless that's a Pagani Design homage of the Explorer II, I'm going with RGC is pretty exclusive … The Tin-Cuppers will be wearing the Vostok Kamanderskie GMTs while advertising Target pants, shirts and belts with maybe the RayBan Wayfarers. My point is, everything I just mentioned are things that are inexpensive but do the same as the much higher-priced outfit things shown here. The Vostok Kamanderskie GMT is an automatic GMT with history for under ~$80 at and even Amazon and highly regarded and respected even in the most sophisticated horological communities. It maybe a "tractor" when compared to the "Ferrari"-likes of a Rolex, but still, it's a an automatic GMT that has great dimensions- I have nothing to do with Vostok, but want to throw-out out a less-expensive alternative to of the somethings seen here. I agree with the Uniqlo sentiment as well!

Chamfer Reyes says:

I have a feeling this isn’t going to last long with millennials and gen z lol

Tyson Dixon says:

Please…. Make more videos like this.

The Slice Tennis says:

Reigning Champ is dope.

MoeJetz31 says:

more of these!

Neil Green says:

Bring these videos back!

Snaphookright says:

Great simple threads. On another note, hope you enjoyed your round at East Potomac.

Sean Wisheropp says:

I would feel terrible about wearing $125 pants to a golf course. That's about $80 more than pants I would feel comfortable getting dirty and destroying.

Kenneth Yee says:

I went to the web site… No pants???? Are they going out of buisness?

Mickey Sealtoe says:

White people problems.

Budsport MMA says:

What an awesome way to do a commercial. Other channels need to take note of this right here. Awesome vid. 👏

Irf Huss says:

Man, I love these redvanly pants. Bought one pair, then bought three more pairs. Love em.

D Goloks says:

What shirt size does Eric Wear?

whatsgoodwithit says:

I’ve always wondered what glasses you wear, they’re dope

William Kendrick says:

erik what are those white golf shoes? the ones with studs, but kind of look like stan smiths or adidas adicross?

_ DEVIN_ says:

Can't trust people that play golf without a hat and wear pants with out a belt!

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