The best iron sets for under £500 [Golf Buyers Guide]

With a new set of iron not giving you much (if any) change from £1000. We look though our stocks to find 5 sets of irons which will perform for less than half that!

Irons featured in this video:

All irons featured were available on Golfbidder for under £500 at time of recording.

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5 thoughts on “The best iron sets for under £500 [Golf Buyers Guide]

  1. Great recommendations, thank you! Just curious but what was the little critter that walked behind you right at the end of the video? I want to mention how much I enjoy the interesting changes in scenery throughout your videos. It’s great how you can share so much enthusiasm and passion for the sport right through the camera to us viewers from anywhere you film. Cheers!

  2. I am just getting into golf, I've done 4 lessons and am looking to improve and buy my first set of clubs. Just wondering if investing in a slightly more expensive set like the Callaway edge (or similar) is worth it or cheaping out a bit and getting a different set?

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