The BEST IRONS in golf (for every type of player!)

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I play with the best irons from the last decade, including the best tour iron, blade, most forgiving, reliable and best overall irons. Many thanks to channel partners Golfbidder for helping out with this video, to learn more about Golfbidder, check out:

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Hey everyone, let me know what irons you're currently gaming 👇 Big thanks for long-time partners of the channel Golfbidder for supporting this video, you can find out more about them here:

Fuzzy Johnson says:

You don't need new irons. You need to learn how to hit the ball properly.

your mom says:

hits the ball dead straight
"I love how I can shape these irons so well"

Mizai Slots says:

why are golf clubs so fragile

ryan richardson says:

I have owned the 08, 12, 14, 16, and 18 AP2's. All were absolute money. Gaming the AP1 now (718). I'm old now.

Danny E says:

Mizunos mp series are just collectors items


Didn’t see any Nike forged irons. So fake news


He's joking…don't use covers.

Eric Jencson says:

Too bad you can't putt.

Rasmus Stübert says:

Playing Mizuno MP30 for so many years 👌

Sean Fagan says:

My dad had a set of Ping G5's from 2005, and last year he upgraded to Ping G425's. I was able to get his old set, and they are still in fantastic shape. Certainly help up their shape better than my dad or I did over the past 17 years.

Kahlan VanSchaffel says:

wilson staff model blades and v6 irons.the end

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