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This weeks impact show explains what lag is in the golf swing and shows how you can develop more lag to help you hit the golf ball further



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Tim Bassett says:

Brilliant video as always guys, but how/where can I get the Total Golf Trainer in the UK?

Eric Silverstein says:

While I generally seriously love your instruction, this reminds me of the adage that if sex were taught like golf there would be zero population growth

Andrew Porter says:

thanks guys this really helped me obtain the feel of the lag

Dave's Toy Locker says:

How to add 25 yds to my 220yd driver?

Ray Rapp says:

Thanks guys, good stuff. Where can i get hold of that Da Vinci lag trainer?

John Clare says:

I wanted to find out about appropriate Golf swing and the , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) was the very first guide I selected. They utilize significant information such as your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to create a style ideal for you. The lessons have been extremely benefi cial, allowing me to drop my handicap from a twenty two to a fifteen in the last year..

Jim Dearman says:

A shame delivery to the UK for the TGT training aid £14.92 😲

Phil Allen says:

I'd hate it if someone slid a golf club into my 'good area'.

Ronald Stermer says:

That table drill is brilliant. Thank you!!!

TJ Elston says:

Does this apply to the driver as well?

mikal says:

Lag is a result of swinging all 5 levers in the SLOT. It has nothing to do with muscular effort to hold, anything. It is a anatomical given, when we have all five levers in a common plane..the SLOT

lazyAZ dog says:

I knew my Langle’s where off!! 😎

Michael says:

Way too long……………….be concise, get to the point.

Aviation Compilation says:

I cant wait to try this tomorrow in the backyard. I have started playing again and Ive been practicing everyday. My problem is exactly what you guys described. I have a high ball flight and my distance isnt what it should be for me being 6'1 and 28 years old. I basically hit a 6 iron only 130 yards… lol. But My buddy told me i might need to create more lag and this comfirms it. Thanks for all the tips as always. Great great stuff.

gaffs82 says:

To add, IMHO, if you are thinking about holding lag, you are getting your hands and wrists very much involved. For me, that results in pulling the handle, which leads to getting steep then easy extending.

gaffs82 says:

Holding lag is such a bad teaching concept. Lag is a result of as proper golf swing, not something that can be added into an improper swing. If your body is in the wrong positions, then its impossible to create lag. Early release occurs as a result of saving the shot. Say you have bad sequencing during the transition, if your unconscious mind in those split seconds did not tell your body to early release then you would miss the ball. Lag is achieved by transitioning properly and from the correct body positions. How can a golfer “hold then lag” – during the downswing a club head has an effective weight of over 100lb – good luck holding that back!!!

Anthony Viola says:

Brilliant tips on Lag! Thanks!

Get Better Golf says:

If you want to check out a rad video on slow motion golf swings, you should look at my recent. It'll blow your mind.

Rob Anderson says:

All your videos are great, but how about doing some videos on Senior play/swings. Im a senior and I just can't get into some of those positions. Would love a swing analysis needs less to say

Dan Banbury says:

Have you got any drills for releasing to late?

Kris Lokki says:

Great drill

matt booth says:

I am working on lag with success. My ball flight is now lower with greater distance. My stopping power for my 6 and 7 has decreased. How do I get the distance and decrease the amount of ground roll?

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