In this video I want to talk about a very common mistake that people make when trying to create lag. Although many people try and create lag in the golf swing to improve their distance, you have to be careful with how you are using your wrists otherwise you will definitely do more harm than good…

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15 thoughts on “THE BIGGEST MISTAKE WITH LAG IN THE GOLF SWING ( Do This Instead! )

  1. Another outstanding tutorial, I've been cupping my wrist lately in backswing and actually what you said could happen was happening, definitely going to practice bowing wrist slightly more, it feels really weak when I try to much , like the club is going to come out of my hand ! Thanks again really great video!

  2. Great tip….JK is actually trying to keep it simple, but lag is a fairly complicated concept. I think he did well to make it clear about how to not over do the wrist flex at the top of the swing.

  3. Hi John
    Love your clear presentations
    I'm having trouble getting a consistent impact position. I'm prone to flipping the clubbed at impact try and draw the all.
    I tried something today, I pulled the clubbed back about 8" from the ball at address and started my swing from there, ska mo Norman, and wow, great contacts and full commitment through the hitting zone.
    Can you maybe explain to me why this works cf conventional address position with clubbed at the ball.
    Stuart McAllister

  4. I have watched thousands of YouTube videos and something about Jonathon's teaching just clicks with my brain. So happy I found JCM. Hopefully these lessons will improve my inconstant game. About to check out his website for swing analysis. Thanks JCM

  5. Lost me halfway through, when the solution still hadn't even been mentioned. Just way too long dragging out the problem. No offense, I'm not a fan of GolfTec instructors, as a general rule. I always thought they spent way too much time in lessons pontificating about crap, rather than instructing.

  6. I tried to change my wrists as per your lesson. It is not easy after doing it the wrong way too long. I did see improvement but must work more at it. Creating more space between my club and body also appeared to help avoid fading. But I don't understand why.

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