Thanks to the guys at golfbidder.co.uk for helping me collect as many of the PING Drivers as possible!

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28 thoughts on “5 YEARS OF PING GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017

  1. Watched this video with interest. Went to my used club store that has all these drivers. I did something similar and I had the same suprise result. The G20 had the highest swing speed, best launch angle, smash factor and spin for me. I thought I was going to get the G30 or G SFT model but I could not get the same consistency out of them as I did with the G20. Saved me a lot of money. Thanks, Rick.

  2. I’d be more interested to see the difference in the driver shafts being used. What’s the impact of moving to regular shaft or even seniors shaft to demonstrate any difference. I still use g25 and I have reg and seniors shaft and I also see little difference, but I have no equipment to measure the shots I.e. club head speed, spin, carry and runout distance. So far your posting has been very interesting. I do agree the ping drivers are the easiest to hit on the fairway.

  3. Thanks for making this video. Just picked up a G20 over the weekend because I just couldn't deny the results and ease of swing. The numbers on the range, flight path, and controllability blew me away. With none even close with the newest versions

  4. I bought the most pristine g20 driver I could find because of this review and I couldn’t be happier. I had the ping G sftec driver and It just didn’t compare to my old g20. Thanks Rick!

  5. Love my G20 driver. Just goes to show you that the new technology is not exactly any better. Too bad these golf companies believe they must come out with new products which is fine if the newer clubs were actually much better.

  6. Keep in mind. I have a driver already. However, I was walking around a local golf shop and I found a G30 on sale for a hundred dollars. I bought it immediately ? I can’t wait to try it out. Never had a ping driver before

  7. Still have my G10 and G15. Got the G10 used after 1 1/2 from it released date. It considered used, but, still looks new. Than pick up the new G15 after it’s been out a year. Got that fitted for me. Those clubs are good enough for me.

  8. The Rapture, great club, I know 3 years earlier (2009) but a great forgiving driver. Didn't do Angel Cabrera any harm winning the Masters with it.

  9. Hi Rick GREAT video, proof of why companies pay a lot for good marketing people (I was one of those in the pharma industry)! I've had my G25 for 7-8 years, play aprox 100 rounds a year and go to the range a lot. I can't detect any cracks in the face, but lost some distance in last 2 years. (I am 65 but 3 index so can find the sweet spot regularly). Do you think it's time for a new driver? (still hit 80% fairways but wondering if face has worn)

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