The Brabazon Golf Course Part 1

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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre takes on Ged Walters around The Belfry and the Brabazon golf course. Watch they play 9 holes which was filmed on Thursday 29th May 2014. Watch how they navigate this fanatic Ryder Cup Golf Course

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Ian Hackett says:

Welcome Gedi, very nice to see the Belfry up close.

blazingdan says:

1. Awesome as always.
2. A surprisingly positive Mini Driver review and the new driver here has
me confused. 🙂 Go Faster Stripes FTW!
3. Suggestion: you often, helpfully, try to point out the pin and describe
where drives and approach shots have landed. Instead of pointing in front
of the camera or just describing where a ball lands, some post-production
graphics would be great. A simple line for the pin, and a dot or small
circle for the ball would be helpful. Should be simple and quick enough.

Either way, keep it up!

Craig Ryder says:

So, will you be going back to your i25 driver? ;)

rojothe2nd says:

3:47 youtubes closed captioning says “good to get the shape round the free
skate condoms on home anytime” You were right about his accent!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

The Brabazon Golf Course Part 1

David McKeown says:

Another great video Rick. One negative. please please please get rid of the
big red score card, its to distracting, you only need to show the score
after every hole. I love watching your vlogs, keep up the good work.

Ged Walters Golf says:

Part 1 of the Brabazon looking awesome. Can’t believe how good the Mini
Driver was though mate

Jake Rommer says:

Lofted up as well! Everyone is these days! 

Philip Smith says:

Fellas, keep the camera still, your making me dizzy !!!

Tyler Orr says:

+Mark Crossfield and +RickShielsPGAGolf with a little mini power

SuperMjc1987 says:

You should’ve popped over to The Forest of Arden while you were here,
could’ve seen what a real golf course is then! ;)

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