Left Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing Pros vs Ams

In this video, I show you the left shoulder movement in the golf swing pros vs ams. Discover this key move of the left shoulder and how you can improve your golf swing ensuring better strikes on the golf ball. This works for high and low handicappers, teaching you to make a better backswing and downswing by understanding the movement of the left shoulder in the golf swing.

After seeing the difference between the left shoulder movement in the golf pros vs ams, you'll easily be able to implement it into your golf game and see amazing results. Enjoy making more fluent and consistent golf swings that lead to more quality golf shots, lowering your golf scores every round you play.

Performing the proper left shoulder movement in the golf swing ensures you:

1. Stay in golf posture
2. Swing on a great plane
3. Get the club in the slot


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15 thoughts on “Left Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing Pros vs Ams

  1. Hi Troy
    Just come across your site.
    I have been struggling with ball striking
    So I tried this left shoulder and omg what a amazing difference it has made ball striking is now very good
    But struggling with the driver
    Looking forward to more from you.
    Take care.

  2. this left and right shoulder position movement. has been great for me. i havent even tried to apply it yet but instantly recognize that my main problem these last 20 years in the shoulder positioning . even when havign lessons this was never explained to me. i cant wait to completely transform my swing. i havent played for a good while until recently. and didnt feel comfortable or as flexible as i was. but i know that once the correct shoulder positions are applied i will be bombing the ball further than i ever have.

  3. dipping my left shoulder low in the backswing greatly complicates the path if the club at impact as well as the club at release, and follow through behind my back is almost impossible. I've found that keeping my shoulder higher, but reaching under my chin with left arm in the backswing, leaded to much more consistent hits. Maybe too stiff at age 56?

  4. Excellent. Reminds me of a day when I was hitting the ball really badly on the range when I overheard the pro teaching someone. He said "the number one essential in all full golf shots is that the left shoulder goes down and behind the ball at the top of the backswing'". He fixed me too!

  5. This is an old video so you probably won’t see this but I notice when I do this I either hit amazing shots or I shank it. Any advice? Thanks!

  6. Thanks a lot for great tips on this channel! You are a soo good instructor and coach!!
    Will you please do a video, or show me the link if you already have done it, on the rotation of the upper left arm in the golf swing. That would be very appreciated!
    Kind regards,

  7. Will this help stop my push slice? As my face is now square at impact but I was thinking this may still be causing my inconsistent shots still? Thanks

  8. I was struggling with my driver and iron consistency either leaving the face open at impact or pull hooking the ball trying to close the face. I was driving my left shoulder up just as you said that armatures were doing. Tried to flatten my shoulder on the downswing an amazing, things straightened out. No more open club face at impact. I am now trying not to close the face so hard at impact. I have gotten into a bad habit trying so hard to close the face. But all in all things are better. Still not hitting up on the driver but it too is better. Anywhere from -1 to 0.0. Would like to get to +1 or +2. Your video was spot on and confirmed my problem.

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