The golf ball “WILL BE ROLLED BACK” – Tech Tuesday

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The golf ball “WILL BE ROLLED BACK” – Tech Tuesday – In this week's vid we look at the interview given my Jack Nicklaus in which he reveals the head of the USGA believes they are close to bringing in new rules limiting the flight of modern golf balls

Jack Nicklaus full interview

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Emilio Fedele says:

This would be the dumbest change ever and almost impossible to enforce at the amateur level. With so many millions of golf balls out in the wild that would objectively perform better than newer ones, whats preventing people from using them against their buddies or even a club championship?

Also, the game being longer makes it mathematically mpre difficult. Hitting a 300 yard drive vs a 200 yard drive down the same fairway is more difficult because the deg possible to be offline while still hitting fairway is smaller.

Conor H says:

Instead of a roll back just stop development now. Set a maximum coefficient of restitution for balls based on what is in the market now and call it quits. Then designers of the PGA and European Tour courses need to agree some principles around risk reward for big hitters. Straight and short should be no more heavily punished than long and wide. Finding fairways should be rewarded, fairway bunkers should be brutal with high lips to reward precision, and fairways themselves narrower and the rough tougher.

paul goodier says:

Be as good as you can be…….train hard and success usually follows….personally I'd hold the championships on long courses there's nothing better than watching long players trying out their talents.

Alan King says:

Even if they change the ball the big hitters will still be the big hitters that won't change .
If you want to work out , practice harder than anyone else you will still get the rewards it's just relative .Look at Jack in his heyday using a wound ball and butterknife irons still longer than everyone else .
It's not the arrow it's the Indian.

Sean Fonteyn says:

I can’t help but think why the hell they would like to make the game harder than it already is.

Mike Saavedra says:

Imo launching the golf ball brings a lot more people to the sport

Mike Saavedra says:

Golf is progressing tell that old man to move on

james83925 says:

Let's go back to hickory staffs and see if modern players can compete with Bobby Jones. Or, let's go back to the Guttie ball that Young Tom Morris played or better yet, let's go back to the featherie as played by old Tom Morris. Jack Nicklaus is THE GOAT, even if a player ties his 18 majors he would have to win one more because Jack also has those 19 seconds. However, he is, like Bobby Jones, history. Part of the fascination with golf is the technological advancement, and the Goat should that. All golf needs right now is to take out the superhero status of the Pros and thus remove much of the excitement.

David W says:

I can see rolling back the ball for the pro's and top level tournaments in order to enable courses to be shorter. There is lots that can be done to a course to make it challenging for them.
As a Marshall I don't think rolling balls back for amateurs will speed up play and it may make a round longer. Shorter courses alone would help amateurs play quicker and enjoy it more by having shorter clubs off the fairways which is often more rewarding.

Erik Sanchez says:

This is the MOST ridiculous thing I've heard in my life. What sells and attracts people to the game is that ASPIRATION to hit the ball long off the tee. You see these tour players hitting it a long way because they've put thousands and thousands of hours of practice to maximize their swing etc. only to have limit put on their potential? This will NO DOUBT have only negative effects bringing more people to the game, to tournaments, and not to mention huge losses of Sponsorships for hosting events. Manufacturers would struggle and the game of golf would fall back into the "OLD MAN" sport that many people still think it is. Jack Nickalaus is makes zero points of argument. Most amateurs percentages of fairways hit is less than 20%. So could only affect round time in a negative way. Most amateurs can hit their drivers more than 220 yards off the tee. So putting them EVEN further back on a par 4 would ONLY ADD more time to the round because they'll have to take a 3 shot just to make it to the green. I've lost all respect for Jack. HIS STATEMENTS HOLD ZERO SENSE IN LOGIC AT ALL. Times have changed and he need to step aside from any future dealings with the game.

Ian Randall says:

Each golf course should have a certain type of ball that suits that course length, you could even do a mixed sex competition where the ladies use the 20% extra ball,

Les Blair says:

Don't roll it back just limit how far it will go.
Second, make all majors limited flight golf ball

Chris Kennedy says:

I've seen enough science to know it's the ball more than anything. I also think the big-hitters will see the difference more than average hitters because they compress everything so much more (ball and club-face, specifically). I don't think it's a 1-for-1 relationship on the 20% distance thing mentioned here, although i'll concede this is a theory of mine that certainly isn't proven. And i am definitely for scaling the ball back. While I think the long-hitters are highly skilled, i've noticed of late that a large portion of the pros seem to just really be average in hitting into a close proximity of the pin when within 100 yards of a hole. Which tells me that distance is overriding all, and I think golf is, and should be, more than just that.


JN is an old fuck ..

Nicholas Taylor says:

Why not just create a tour specific golf ball that doesn't go as far? It would save the companies such as Titleist, Taylormade, etc from having to redesign every one of the golf balls they sell, plus they could continue to sell their existing golf ball lineup to amateurs. Do we really want amateurs to have to use a golf ball that doesn't go as far? Rounds of golf already take too long and making all golf balls go a shorter distance would only lengthen rounds of golf in my opinion, particularly for seniors, ladies and kids, who often don't hit the ball as far to begin with. It would also save courses money, because they could set their course up to be playable for amateurs and pros alike, without having to think about extending the course for the one or two times a year the pros roll into town.

Tyler Berry says:

No make it farther.

Robert Alexander says:

to me this idea is terrible for the game of golf in general on a amateur level. If Jack wants to grow the game of golf for all he has to take into account the average golfer going out on the weekends and having fun with his friends. The only way i could see this working is to keep the balls for amateurs and give a "pro" ball option for competitive play. No amateur wants to struggle more and hit the ball even less distances i can promise that lol!

Dan B says:

Firm greens, deeper or at least more roughly raked fairway bunkers and bushes planted around trees will make players take more irons, hybrids off tees for position, its not their fault idiots make wide open courses that make the decision for you to smash it off the tee and leave a wedge even if its from the rough. Smaller greens too, these greens they play are like carpets hence they dont have trouble 2 putting from 100ft

Jack has been amazing for golf, but shall we bring hickory shafts and persimmon heads back? Golf has moved on and so should the fixes, not just go back in time….

Ian Howard says:

I don't think they should roll it back, why not just freeze golf ball technology where it is now?
I like watching Rory et al bombing it 350.
If they want to toughen up shorter courses, grow the rough to 2' high when the pros visit.

Simon Wong says:

It is the not about the golf balls or the clubs. It is about course design. Make it tighter, narrower, more doglegs, smaller greens, etc. These will test the skills of the pros. In my home club, some of the fairways are so narrow that you are force to use 3 wood or even long irons to find fairways.

Nathan Jones says:

Hello Peter , just my point of view on this subject – yes the governing bodies can roll back the golf ball if they want but I think it should only be for the pro's. I believe I read an article in one of the golf magazines which stated that the average handicap of golfers (amateurs) is 17 and has been for some years even with all the technical advances made in the field of equipment and golf balls so as far as amateur golfers go I think it would be a backward step and could well put off people taking up golf.

MizunoIronMan says:

Wonder if Jack ( the businessman) has recently bought shares in Acushnet and the like, there will a huge spike in sales of current balls if this happens.

Blake Murray says:

golf has evolved, its newer times, people are taller and stronger meaning they hit the ball further. and making people hit the ball not as far by making the balls less technologized you make the game longer time wise as pros take around 1-2 mins to hit the ball, these people need to let go of the past as it is the younger peoples future not theirs.

SaiDaiOh says:

6:25 Well, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Bobby Jones certainly do hit far with primitive equipment…

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