Improve Your Golf Pitching Distances For Better Scores

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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach helps your pitching control with a very simple drill you can take out on the golf course to improve your score. Rick talks about knowing your wedge distances so that when you play you know how far each shot goes.

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David Sanchez says:

I’m going to have to try this out, I played yesterday and have a lot of
good drives with about 5-7 times leaving me at distances ranging between
about 85-50 and was only able to get it near the whole twice, making me
scramble for my par or with a long birdie putt. fortunately still was able
to put together a +7 round but I feel it could’ve been much better if my
short game from 80 yards in was stronger.

Thanks for the tips!
David Sanchez
Los Angeles, CA

igor devisscher says:

Hi Rick…great vid and very valuable information. That is indeed the way
to go for the single figure handicappers if they want to get their
handicaps further down. Many people will think that is a lot of work but
that is the only way if you realy want to improve on the short game and
want to realy feel confident.

The Valdys says:

Thanks for the tip. The distance table for pitching definitely helpful :)

Tom Strong says:

brilliant vid and advice!! something i shall be doing this week! 

Scott Treadwell says:

Nice one, I will give this a go at weekend cheers mate. 

mcgurk69 says:

This worked a treat great video 

daveyhitch says:

This has helped me massively. One session at the range and the consistency
was unbelievable, real confidence builder! thanks

golfninja says:

This is really good advice for folks who really want to improve their game
once they have a consistent & sequenced swing particularly but it would
help everyone:
It’s the final bit of the puzzle to get down to low single figures, putting
in this kind of practice so you know your distances from a full wedge to a
very short pitch with a 3 club wedge system (46-52-58) is what got me down
from 8 to 2. And spending 70% of my practice time on the short game. Also
you can refine this ‘clock’ system further by repeating the drill with
yours hands choked down halfway on the grip which will give you the
‘inbetween’ distances to your normal grip distances. Top advice.

Jordi Eslotes says:

A question,what is the difference in Pitching wegde,lob wegde gap wedge a
sand wedge?

jonathan phoenix says:

This was a great one! Could you do one one driving please? I drive straight
but tail a little to the right at the end. Thanks for all the help!

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