The golf clubs you NEED to own!

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duane mcclurg says:

The first brand new club I bought was a lob wedge.

UncleRedd87 says:

You are right. Who needs driver when I've got a 60 in the bag. I've hit some of longest greenside drives with one.

gavin harvey says:

Rick has no idea, really… A lob wedge,? most golfers cant use a 56 degrees properly and to give them a 58 or 60 degreez wedge to complicate things

Bryan Reilly says:

I love my 60 degree. If I'm on the fringe of a green I'm more likely to use that than my putter. (13 hc)

nick yates says:

There’s not big enough of a difference between 60 and a 56 to make this viable you can adjust a 56 to work just like a lob wedge

Czech Mate says:

Carry as many wedges as you want but only love one!

touristguy87 says:

Rick Shields wasn't worth listening to when he had his own channel. He definitely is not worth listening to now.

TheBrindleBoxer says:

I cannot believe he said lob wedge. That is literally the last club most amateur golfers should be using.

Chris says:

Just open the face on your pw/sw

Harrison Evans says:

Driving iron to swap from 5 wood- hybrid etc combo. Swap my Wood out in the summer for the height diffrence and stopping power

Roy Tucker says:

Disagree. 54 sandwedge is enough loft for an amateur. Most amateurs will duff anything higher.

TommyGuns Trading Cards says:

Because I do not hit the ball far I got rid of my 2-7 irons. I use my 3 wood or two hybrids for those distances. Driver, 3W, 3 & 4 Hybrid, 8 & 9 iron, PW, LW, SW, Putter. That's my bag. Lighter and less options means less guessing.

Martin W says:

Him trying to hit the ball underwater😂🤣

ChronicComplainer says:

7wood imo. Everyone needs a rescue club


7 wood by far. With good technique you can hit a 56* as high as will ever be needed

John Russo says:

I’m sorry Rick I think you’ve lost your mind how many of my mates(ME!!! hahahaha) skull 60° trying to chip it really close by. Traded it in for that ChipR you made me notice. I can always lay open my 56.

Marty says:

Nah no potter …..harry potter .the club that lived

Dylan Mazza says:

I’d say a 7 iron, it’s literally my favorite go to

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