Tilt, THEN Turn Your Way to the Perfect Golf Swing

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Turn your shoulders back 90 degrees…

Rotate through the shot…

Much has been said about it, but the turn is one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of golf.

And so in today’s video we’re going to learn how to absolutely nail your shoulder turn for a powerful, consistent, and repeatable golf swing.

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Joel Harris says:

How does this lead to less falling forward during the downswing? That's where I get confused

Harold Pohoresky says:

Great video and insightful. so apropos…..

Chan W says:

Great advice. Eye opening.

azcharlie2009 says:

For the past few years, when I play golf or hit balls, I start to get a pain in my right side. I tried this move you talk about in the video, and instantly my side felt better! Apparently, I've been tilting back instead of slightly forward on the back swing. I'm going to the range today and will get back to you on results.

Eric Chun says:

Thank you..❤❤❤❤

Sheldon Sandiford says:

Am able to see the ball. I always had a problem losing the sight of the ball on my backswing. I understand now that I was turning level and not tilting. I went to the range yesterday and OMG was I striking the ball solidly. The only swing thought I had, was to tilt my spine right on my backswing and left on the downswing. Thank you Zack best video on the explanation of the swing

Michael David says:

First I’ve seen this type tilt action and visually detailed in explaining it so well! Excited in working this on the range today!

Peter Fung says:

This is one of the most important teachings for suffering golfers. Thank you & I shall practice tomorrow following your great instruction. Looking forward to grasping the essence & learn more from you.

Doug Mckoy says:

Would this work with a driver?

The Torian's says:

I get it now, it's more of a hip turn and then a down swing, instead of a shoulder turn and hip turn at the same time. Excellent explanation!

Bok Kim says:

This is a gem

Lit Yogi says:

using my new (inexpensive) gadget to video my swing I see EXACTLY the problem you describe — level shoulder turn, hands darting inside. Yuck. Great video, I will work on this and make it a new habit.

net- zero says:

That's crazy, Mike Austin in his skeleton suit was promoting this very same move some 30 years ago on TV. I wonder if the rest of his swing is also more anatomically correct, maybe you should check into that Zach.

Tman Tran says:

This totally make sense..it's not a turn.

C to the B says:

Outstanding Zach! This is some pro stuff that you will typically not hear about!

Trevor Griffiths says:

Wow! That is just amazing. I have struggled with this for so long, actually trying to stop my hips from moving laterally in my backswing because that is what I had been taught. This makes so much more sense and why my backswing is so much inside and I can’t stop coming over the top. I can get away with it, to a degree, with my woods but not my irons, which I am struggling with. I can’t wait to try this tomorrow and hopefully get my swing back. Thank you so much for explaining this so well.

Roger Tan Koon San says:

Hi Zach, does the tilting require turning.

irish53 says:

Super Zack. I have been having trouble with my irons. Now realizing I was way to flat in my back swing. This has been a big help. Thanks

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