This 1 Chipping Tip Changed my Golf Game Forever | Mr. Short Game

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In this video I give you a tip that Bob Vokey gave me. This one tip changed my short game forever and has helped me lower my scores, have more confidence and win numerous events. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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Timothy Summers says:

What a expertly explained tip. THANK YOU!!!

a Friend to lean on says:

do you use the bounce on your sand wedge and pitching too from further out ? do you use it for bump and run . i saw a video for ratios with bump and run wondered if you watched and tried ?

Gee purrs says:

That's putter territory for me. lol

Rival Workshop And Guitars says:

Man I’m not good at golf by any means but I will have to try this, but usually if I try to open the face I scold the ball like crazy

J Y says:

What’s the difference between opening up the club and doing a flop shot? Isn’t that basically a flop shot which is higher risk?

Logan Bramwell says:

I’m new to golfing, but won’t this just shank the ball right?

Robert Taylor says:

I find vokey wedge heads and shafts to heavy compared to the Cleveland RTX for instance

Raymond Armatino says:

If I'm not hitting a flop shot I put the ball back of my stance, hit down on the ball with the least amount of wrist action unless I need spin.

Edd Owens says:

I have the exact wedge, awesome

Philbert Oneriver says:

Thank you! Before watching this, I watched your Mazel Chipper review. Eating an open face turkey sandwich now.

Ed Deeken says:

How much bounce do you recommend on your wedge?

Nathan Frisby says:

This is a great tip that I need to keep reminding myself of

Charlieboy Lol says:

Great video ,thanks

Philip Hew says:

It works for me, thanks.

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